Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Morning scripture study- NEW APP!

I really wanted to start studying scriptures in the morning with the boys, but I wasn't sure how.  We have always read scripture stories that were watered down with fun pictures at night to them, but I didn't want to do that in the mornings as well.  I also wanted to start reading straight from the scriptures so they become more familiar with the actual language and jargon of the King James version.  So I happened upon this app and it is wonderful!  It's called Verse By Verse- I know it's on the iPhone, I'm not sure about other phones though.  

Anyway, it's wonderful!  It has one scripture daily straight from the scriptures and then it offers an explanation.  It's simple and quick, but it gets the boys thinking about the gospel and good choices in the morning before they start their day.  The boys really like reading scriptures in the morning, in fact, the first week they would hound me about morning scriptures until it was time.  It's started some really interesting conversations and Jackson can usually tell me what the scripture means before I read the meaning.  I really REALLY love this app!
It's simple and easy and it's perfect for busy mornings!

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