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Fun FHE!

I bought a few things because I wanted the boys to plant some seeds of grass for another fun activity I have on my mind (I'll post about this activity later). Anyway, I thought it would be fun if I created an FHE around this activity, and this is what I came up with: Planting a seed is just like what Heavenly Father does when he plants talents in each of us.
This is a picture of a few of the supplies I needed for this FHE (sorry for the glare, I'm definitely not a professional photographer). I used some cups, soil, grass seeds, a small white board, a picture (of a quote that went with the theme), and my FHE planning guide so I wouldn't get off track. We started with a song and a prayer. We sang "Give Said the Little Stream" because it seemed appropriate. Next I explained what a talent is and that everyone has talents. With a little help Jackson finally understood the concept.
Once Jackson understood what a talent was we took turns discussing what special ta…

Easter 2011 and 2012



Holy cow! What a difference a year makes!

We let Austin loose in the Science Spectrum

We have a membership to the Science Spectrum, but we haven't used it as much since last year because... Well, there really isn't a reason why we haven't used our membership. The last time we went to the Science Spectrum, Austin wasn't very mobile, so we thought it was about time to let Austin loose in a world of science museum fun! Grandma, Jackson, Austin and I went on an adventure!
First, we watched the Rain Forest show where we saw a skink, a tarantula (not my favorite), and a baby boa constrictor.
Next we headed back upstairs to the bubbles! Jackson calls the Science Spectrum, "Bubbles" because he's a pretty big fan of the bubbles exhibit.
Then we headed into the pre-school room where we could let Austin roam and be free. We saw some friends of ours in the pre-school room and the boys were happy to see Maggie and to meet a new friend (I'm blanking on the new friend's name right now, sorry). Here are the kids playing in the newsroom. Jackson…

Easter 2012

This year we had our big family Easter dinner on Friday because Grandma had to work on Sunday. I tried out a new recipe for dessert which I found on Pinterest (of course). It's a super rich chocolate brownie cake. It turned out great, but was a little too rich for my taste. However, I really think that if you are a true die-hard chocolate lover then you will LOVE this recipe. I thought I was a true die-hard chocolate lover, but this cake beat me.
A good friend of mine makes Easter cupcakes with her kids every year. I saw them on her blog last year and I thought they were so cute! This year we made them at our house to hand out to our neighbors. Jackson helped with the baking and decorating. He has some mad grass and egg decorating skills! He also decorated the plates that we handed out the cupcakes on. Our neighbors were quite impressed with his work.
For some reason I still get these little momentary realizations that I'm a mother of two, and I get this rush of emoti…

Pool Party!!

We had our first pool party of the summer because it was in the 90's here over the weekend a week or two back. We've had this little pool for a couple years now and bring it out every summer for a fun way to cool down during the summer. We got the idea for a pool party from Blue's Clues who also had a pool party (and the boys watched this episode over and over and over again). This was Austin's very first pool party and he loved it... eventually. He cried when we first put him in the water, but as soon as he got used to the temperature he was fine and had a fun time with Brother.
I had to put little hats on them so that their fair heads didn't get sun burnt.

And no self respecting pool party is complete without some Popsicles! Austin wouldn't hold his, so that was Mommy's job.

OOPS! This time I did forget...

I forgot to about my George Albert Smith challenge this month. Sort of... I'll explain, but March's challenge was:
I would [will] teach the truth to the understanding and blessing of all mankind.
I remembered during the first week or so of March that this was my challenge, and I followed through an a very small scale. A woman that I know through a March Babies 2011 mommy group asked what I do to help my children understand the real meaning of Easter (because I had mentioned I have a cute craft and lesson teaching children about Christ's resurrection). Anyway, I shared my lesson with her and told her briefly about our faith.
I know it isn't much, but I dropped the ball last month. I will be more diligent this month. And April's challenge is:
I would [will] seek out the erring one and try to win him back to a righteous and happy life.
I admit, I am HIGHLY intimidated by this month's challenge. And I have no idea how I will fulfill it, but with a little prayer…