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I love you, Elder Uchtdorf!

Sadly, I missed the General Relief Society broadcast when it first aired and I really wanted to go. I need to start setting alarms on my phone or something because I was so SO disappointed when I realized I missed the broadcast. We get the BYU channel, but I really like going to the broadcast at church because then I can really focus on the broadcast. I love my boys with every bit of my heart, but sometimes it's hard to concentrate with them around. The General Relief Society broadcast is my very favorite broadcast of the year. I LOVE IT! I always have. And this year was no different. Elder Uchtdorf's talks are always so poignant and heart piercing, but his Forget Me Not talk was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. It was exactly what my spirit needed to hear as well. He spoke about me in several instances of what not to do in a way that was so sweet and humorous that I didn't feel scolded or guilty, but rather, I felt up-lifted and renewed.

I am so grateful for those …

Mommy fail, Daddy success

Today the weather is gorgeous! It's cloudy and the high is only 69. I had the brilliant idea to go to the corn maize and take some fall pictures with the boys, pretending that Texas isn't really sunny and hot still this time of year. So we get the boys all cuted up in their new fall clothes and we told Jackson we're going to see some animals (which he loves, although they scare him to death) and headed out to the corn maize. The whole ride we can hear Jackson in the back saying, "go see animals, go see animals, go see animals", but when we get there they were closed. DOH! Mommy should have checked when they were open before we left. We told Jackson that the animals are sleeping fully expecting a complete meltdown, but there wasn't one. I already felt terrible because I told him all morning that we were going to see animals and now I feel even worse because he handled not seeing animals so well. On the way home Daddy thinks of some animals that are out…

Austin LOVES toes!

And I love this face!

Jackson attacks at bathtime

So Jackson decided that Austin needed a little embellishment during bath time, so he took his bath crayons and "fixed" Austin's face.

Then he made himself look better too.

Jackson and Austin and teething cookies

I always wanted two children that looked alike, but one brunette and one blondie. However, my boys do NOT look alike, but they're both as cute as it gets! Jackson looks just like me and he's a momma's boy. Austin looks just like his dad, and he's a daddy's boy. It's so funny how their little personalities differ already.
Anyway, I love to compare pictures of them at the same age. It's the only time they resemble each other at all. Here are Jackson and Austin eating teething cookies at 5-6 months. Jackson is first and Austin is next.

Another great weekend!

Last weekend was full, but fun! It started early on Saturday morning with the Apple Butter Festival. This was Jackson's third year to go and Austin's first. They had a lot of fun!

Then we attended a 50th wedding anniversary for the Griffins. That was awesome. What a fantastic accomplishment to still be happy and in love with your spouse for 50 years! I can't wait till we hit our 50th, and to think that it'll just be a little speck of our forever.
Then we had our own date night to ensure that we make it 50 years and on to forever. ;) The best part is that when we came home this is what we found.
Both boys knocked out from a long day, snuggled up with grandma. My mom LOVED it! I have to say that my mom is THE BEST grandma out there. She's amazing with the boys. She spends her vacation days at our house just so she can play with them. She always wants to babysit, and she comes over weekly on her days off just to spend time with Jackson and Austin. I couldn&…

Jackson's mad decorating skills!

Since Labor Day (unofficially) marks the end to summer I thought we should decorate the house for fall. And maybe, just maybe, our fall decor will encourage the great fall weather we've been having to stick around for good. Jackson loves to decorate as well, so I bought some cute leaf cut-outs at the Dollar Store (32 for a $1, cheaper than using my Cricut) and let him decorate his closet. You can definitely see that he has my OCD for order and symmetry.

He wouldn't let me take a picture of his closet without him in it, I had to trick him to get the first picture. So cute! He was very proud of his work.

Labor Day Bubbles

I'm not really sure how to celebrate Labor Day, but we thought grilling some steaks and eating rhubarb pie sounded like the best way to try. The weather has been AMAZING, and Jackson is loving all the outside time. This Labor Day we introduced bubbles to Austin and he loved it. He almost giggled himself right out of his bouncer.
Jackson got attacked by bubbles.
And just one more for fun! Don't you just love those blue eyes! ...Notice the lovely regurgitated carrots on his shirt. Yeah, it took us 20 minutes to even notice it was there, but we have several pictures of it. YUM!