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UUUGE catch-up!

So it's time for a UUUUGE catch-up (to be said in a bad Donald Trump impression- he never pronounces the "h" in huge).  July was my last entry.  What!?

Starting with August: We went to the Amarillo Zoo!  It was a fun day trip and we had a great time, but I don't want to load up on just zoo pictures, so here's one with Jim and the boys- August is also Jackson's birthday! He turned 7 this year! He decorated his cake.  Both the boys LOVE to decorate their cake, but ironically, neither one of them really like eating cake.  Heck, Harrison was afraid of his first cake.  They're so weird! We just had a small celebration. He's so cute! Of course, we can't have a birthday in our house without Maggie. How cute is this picture!? Maggie is on her tippiest of tippy toes.  She's only 6 months younger than Jackson and she's 2 years older than Austin, but they both tower over her.  She's so little! Jackson Red Robin for his birthday lunch. Grandma and…