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It's fall and that means PUMPKIN PATCH!

I LOVE the fall!  LOVE IT!  I love everything that begins in the fall, one of which is visiting the pumpkin patch.  We go to a local farm every year, At'l Do Farm.  I've gone for over 10 years and the farm has grown so much in that time.  It's very family friendly and the boys love it as much as I do- and that includes Jim!

The farm just opened this week.  It was supposed to open last week, but with all the rain the season opening was rained out.  We weren't going to go this weekend because it rained again mid week and we didn't want to deal with the mud, but some friends assured us it wasn't very muddy at all, so off we went.

Just as we pulled into a parking space (right up front at one of the busiest times of the day- holla!), Austin informs us that he just pooped his pants.  Wait.  What!?  I don't have a change of clothes for him because he's been potty trained for months with no accidents.  Oy vay.  So while Jim took Austin to the bathroom, Jackson …

Rainy nights outside, family fun inside!

Lubbock had rain for almost 2 straight weeks.  It was incredible!  I loved every second and I was actually sad to see the sun come out.  So while it rained outside, I had to make some family fun inside.  Friday nights are our family fun nights.  We usually go out to dinner and then do something fun with the boys.  Some Fridays it's as simple as eating at Chick Fil A and letting the boys play in their play area (their current favorite activity) and some nights we eat at a sit-down restaurant and then we go and do an activity around town.  Either way, everyone looks forward to the "Freakin' Weekend" because of Friday nights.  ...and because the boys get their Kindles on the weekends.

With all the rain I had to plan some indoor family fun, so we didn't have to go out in the rain and we could just enjoy the weather in our nice and warm home.  The first night we had family game night.  We all love board games.  Heck, both the older boys would choose board games over …

Harrison is 2 months!

Harrison is such a good, sweet baby!  UNTIL I take out the camera for monthly pictures.  He's only 2 months so we've only tried this twice, but both times, my usually perfect, smiley baby turns into Mr. Cranky Pants who wants nothing to do with pictures or cameras or mommy, for that matter.

Here's his 1 month photos:
This was the first picture I took- this might not be too bad!

Here's how ALL the rest of the pictures turned out-

I actually loved how the crying picture came out.  It's how he was feeling.  Frustrated with mommy and her silly camera.
And then it was time for 2 month pictures.  I was excited!  He had a little football outfit, perfect for the season, and I was going to stage a little photo session with Jim's Patriot's helmet.  It was going to be ADORABLE!  But once again, Harrison wasn't having it...
2 months:
These are the first two pictures I took. This just might work...

And then the screaming commenced...

Ok, this one ^^^ is just adorabl…

Mornings with Harrison

Harrison has been such a good baby!  He's a great sleeper AND he's been so good during our busy early mornings.  Most mornings Harrison is up and awake while I get the older boys ready for school/the day.  He just hangs out in his car seat (so he's ready to go when we're ready to go) while I'm rushing around trying to get everyone fed, dressed, groomed, and out the door by 7:20 every morning.

But there's some mornings that there is no waking this boy up.  Mind you, he sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG already.  He goes to bed in the 8 o'clock hour every night and doesn't get up until I wake him up at 6am (95% of the time).  It's amazing!!  For all those that might read this and hate me and my sleeping baby a little, please know that my first two boys were TERRIBLE sleepers until they were about 8 or 9 months old, so I know sleepless nights, trust me.  Anyway, there are some mornings that he just won't wake for no matter what I do.  These mornings make me la…

Jackson Nuffer, FIRST grader!

Yes, it's almost October and I'm just not getting to Jackson's first day of school post from August, but hey, having 3 children at home is a bit more hectic than I imagined.

I was a little nervous about mornings in our house now because we have Harrison and he's really too small to be on a regular schedule already.  (Though, fast forward 6 weeks and his schedule is a little more predictable now.)  My plan was and is to get Harrison up early and fed before I get the older boys up, so I feed Harrison at 6am, then wake the boys at 6:30.  For the most part Harrison stays up and he's a happy and perky boy while mommy and his brothers get ready for school.  This sweet boy just sits in his car seat, happy as can be, and watches all the hustle and bustle happening around him every morning. But on this particular morning he slept the whole morning through, he even slept through taking Jackson to school.

Anyway, Here's biggest little handsome, super stoked about school.