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Snow day!

I'm a rock star mom when it comes to some things, and other times I'm a not-so-rock-star mom.  Snow is the bane of my existence. It's one of the things that makes me a not-so-rock-star mom. I HATE snow.  I really really do.  I loathe being cold and wet and having to change clothes because I'm all cold and wet, then to drag my children into it- that's just a cold, wet process I don't want to deal with, so because of my hatred for snow, we don't play in it.  Almost ever.  But the boys have been asking to build a snowman- thank you, Frozen.  And since there was plenty of snow today, I knew it was time to weather the snow.  -did you catch that, oh yeah, pun intended.  Obviously hilarity falls under the list of rock star mom qualities.

2 things happened first:  1. I forgot that it takes 20 minutes just to get ready to go play out in the snow. That was fun. And 2. I realized I don't have correct sizes of gloves for my older boys, so we improvised with layered…

Harrison: 7 months

Well, since he's almost 8 months old, I should probably talk about his 7th month...
He's just growing so fast I can't keep up!

Here's a quick comparison of how much he's grown.  He's only about 2 weeks old in the picture on the right.

He's not very mobile because he's my lazy baby.  His brothers feed into his lazy by doing everything for him, but he can still get into things!  I brought him into the kitchen with me while I cleaned out the fridge, so he found a way to keep himself busy-

He's eating pretty much everything we put in front of him.  He especially loves quesadillas and carrots.  And he'll never turn down some bread.

He's beginning to play with his brothers! He still cries, "brah brah" when they leave the room.  Here he is playing Legos with his big brothers.  The older boys had gone upstairs to play and he cried and cried while staring at the door they left through, so I decided to take him up to their room so he could s…

FREE Impromptu photo session

Recently, I sweet girl from church wanted to get some photography practice and fill her portfolio a bit more, so she did a quick photo session with the boys.  Pictures of my babies and it's FREE?  Um, yes, please!  She was super sweet and took some really cute photos!

All 3 of my little handsomes!

The older boys-

I love love love this picture! 




The boys were crazy that evening, especially Jackson.  They were being very silly and she captured some of their silly.  It shows their personalities-
Jackson being "cool"

Austin being The Hulk

I'm not sure what they're doing here, but it's totally them. Austin always follows this face with, "Um, probably" or "Um, that's probably not going to happen"

Jackson always makes crazy eyes.  He is cursed blessed with my big ole' fish bowl eyes (I've since grown into mine, so he will too eventually) and it's easy for them to get crazy...

It was a fun session. Thank …

Valentines Day 2015

Oh, how I love thee, Valentine's Day!  This year was wonderful!  I really really appreciate not being pregnant this time around.  It was a really nice day and Jim spoiled me with candy and roses, but my favorite part, it's always my favorite part, is the sweet love note he wrote me.  I LOVE flowers and Dove chocolate truffles are one of my favorite candies on the planet, but I really don't care about those things at all (sorry, babe), it's the note that I want.  Heart day is always about telling the people you love that you love them, and why you love them.  I kind of failed this year...  We bought the boys little Lego Star Wars things and some treats, but I forgot to write them little Valentines notes and Jackson asked me where his note was.  I felt awful that I forgot!  Duh!  I was so busy thinking of cute ways to make their Valentine's Day special that I forgot the most important part, but my sweet boy remembered.  Oops!  I'm even tempted to nix all gifts ne…