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Jackson's first day of kindergarten!!!

It's finally here, Jackson's first day of kindergarten!  It has been a good summer, but it was kind of rough too.  Jackson has had some behavioral issues because he needed more to do than mom's summer camp, so I was pretty stoked that it was time for school to start.  I knew the challenge, routine, and structure would be really good for Jackson.  I didn't think I would cry, but I did.  He gave me extra loves and hugs which is very unusual for him, but my slightly broken heart was very grateful for it.  Today was day 2 of kindergarten and he was really excited to get to school!

GOOD MORNING! He woke up BEFORE 6am because he was so excited. I was super excited for him.

Yes, I took a picture of his lunch on his first day of kindergarten.   I think it would be cool to know what I ate for lunch that first day.
Classic first day picture. He was to be at school so early that there wasn't enough light outside to take pictures like I planned. So we improvised.  He even gave…

Easter in August

For one reason or another, I never did get pictures of the boys in their Easter outfits last spring.  Since they wore their Easter outfits last Sunday, I took advantage of the situation.  I don't know why my children don't like to take pictures (probably because I'm ALWAYS taking their picture), but they both refuse to smile nicely.  Ever.  Good thing they're adorable regardless.

Easter 2013 This was the best shot I got Sunday morning.  I do love pictures where Austin is looking up to his big brother.  He thinks Jackson is the coolest person he knows.
They look bored here-
Austin tried, but I caught him with his eyes closed.
"You got something right here, let me get it"
Austin's adorable, but Jackson looks intoxicated.
"Mom, pleeeeeease stop."
Last one...
Austin:  "Maybe if I stand really still they won't see me and she'll finally STOP!"

First Annual Nuffer Art Show

During our family summer camp this summer the boys created A LOT of art and I've displayed it on the wall as they've created.  I thought it would be cute to have a fancy-shmancy "art showing" before I took it all down.  We invited the grandparents, and I interviewed everyone about their favorite pieces.  I served some snacks hor d'oeuvores and we drank sparkling cider in some plastic very classy wine glasses.  It was a lot of fun and I hope it becomes a family tradition!

Here's the hor d'oeuvores and wine table

Jackson's masterpieces:  one of grandma's favorite art pieces was the rocket ship pictured here-

One of my favorite art piece:  the constellations, titled "Places"

Austin's masterpieces:  one of daddy's favorite works is the hippo pictured here in the bottom left corner-

Another of my favorites is the craters on the moon piece-

Here's their ocean art:  grandma also liked the jellyfish sun-catchers (Jackson's work i…

Jackson's Star Wars Extravaganza!

My biggest baby boy turned 5!  And we celebrated with a Star Wars Extravaganza!  I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I must love my Jackson with every bit of my heart because I loath Star Wars, but if my baby wants a Star Wars party then we're going to Star Wars IT UP!  Actually, it was a really fun party to plan.  I used this blog for a lot of the ideas, and all the rest I came up with by myself.

First, we'll start with the invitations- I bought a pre-made, pre-packaged set of Star Wars invitations and Thank You cards, but after seeing some ideas on Pinterest, I threw out the run of the mill invitations (which I had already filled out and stamped) and made these invitations.  It was a good decision because these light sabor invitations came out soooo much cuter!  I really really love the way they turned out!
The unopened invite:  (pull the green tab)

And the opened invite:

We ended up having Jackson's birthday at the Legacy Play Village because we visited the park du…

Nuffer Summer Camp- In Review

Yeah... I had big plans of blogging about each week of camp, but in reality, that was never going to happen.  Oh me and my optimistic and unrealistic ideas of time.  We ended up doing 2 or 3 things each week for camp, but it was still fun and I'm glad I had a plan.  I will definitely be doing the same thing next year, with a little more insight as to what works and what was a flop.  Here's a link to my original plans and themes.  Anyway, here's a quick review of our summer-

Space week Already blogged and lots of fun!
Pirate week I introduced the boys to Jake and the Neverland Pirates during pirate week and now it's a household regular.  Jackson LOVES Jake!   We made a telescope, eye patch, and pirate hat.

We also made wax paper boats and played with them in the tub

We made some treasure chests

And we had a treasure hunt!  I made a map, filled their treasure chests and hid them where X marks the spot. 

Daddy helped them follow the map.  They searched for treasure in their…