Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Fishy! Fishy! Fishy!"

So our house is filled with the sound of Jackson saying, "FISHY!". Everyday, all day, he brings us pictures of fish in books, fish toys, and points to fishies on TV. Jackson has a fishy obsession. So we take him to the Science Spectrum weekly so he can spend time with fishies. The Science Spectum's bottom level is filled with all kinds of fish, some other animals too, but Jackson only cares about the fish. Maybe this means he'll be a marine biologist?

He gets so excited, he has to point to all the fish and yell, "fishy!". ...we're working on 'inside voices', but it's not sinking in yet.

Usually we just let him run around to all the different tanks and this last picture is Jackson telling us that he is ready to move on now, so get me down from this bench please.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FHE for Jackson... so far

I'm new at FHE, so I've only done a few. The first couple I just helped him to recognize key people like Heavenly Father, Christ, and Joseph Smith. Basically I started with Heavenly Father and I collected lots of pictures of Him from Ensigns, the Friend magazine, and pictures I had around the house. I read a couple scriptures about Him or said by Heavenly Father and showed him the pictures. I did the same thing with Christ and Joseph Smith. I put the pictures in different places around the room and asked Jackson where Christ was or Joseph Smith etc. Pretty low key stuff, but I had to introduce them somehow.

Next was a "Feed My Sheep" FHE. I read him John 21:17 and explained what it meant to feed his sheep. Then I put together a basic background with construction paper of grass and sky and made a Jesus character with my Cricut (it's a dye-cut machine). I placed Jesus on one side of the paper. I had little sheep stickers, so I let Jackson place little sheep stickers all over the page so he could help Christ "feed his sheep". Jackson loved it and the end result was really cute!

Last week's FHE was the Pearl of Great Price. I was tired of thinking up fun new themes every week, so I'm just going to go through each book of scripture and I'm starting with the Old Testiment (it's my favorite). I use friend.lds.org to teach him the scriptures. They have an option to play the scripture stories like a little picture skit. I did the first set called "Before the Old Testament". It's the Pearl of Great Price in a nutshell. Then we bowled with old empty juice containers and a big read bouncy ball. Jackson LOVED this activity and we did too!! It's a lot of fun for everyone and it spends some of that extra energy that toddlers have before bed time. I didn't get pictures of this FHE, oh well.

I almost forgot yesterday was Monday and we almost didn't do FHE, but at 5:30 (right as I was about to start dinner) I realized that I hadn't planned anything yet. I knew I was gong to use the next scripture story on friend.lds.org which was the creation story in Genesis. Very quickly I had the idea to make another background of the sky and ground with construction paper like before, but this time I added a tree and a sun. I found some insect stickers and flower stickers, so for the activity Jackson created his own Garden of Eden. It was VERY last minute, but it turned out very well!!

Like everyone else in the world, we are pretty budgeted, so I don't have a lot of money to put toward FHE. I try to use what I have around the house like the stickers, construction paper, and empty juice containers. It seems to work out every time and Jackson has fun and that's all that matters!

4th time is the charm???

Ok, I've tried this blogging thing 3 other times before, so I'm hoping the 4th time is the charm. I think my problem with blogging is A. I have NO idea what I'm doing!!! And B. I have no purpose to blog because I'm a Facebook addict and I update it all the time. Well, I can only cure my lack of blogging knowledge by actually blogging consistantly; and I will fix my lack of purpose by giving this blog a purpose. So besides posting little pieces of my family on a weekly basis, I'm going to post my weekly FHE's with my toddler because it's really difficult to have FHE with a loud, attention-span-less, almost 2 year old. Hopefully this will give some of you ideas and PLEASE, PLEASE share your ideas with me.

*For my non-LDS friends FHE stands for Family Home Evening. It's something we do every Monday night. It has a spiritual theme/message and some sort of activity. It builds family togetherness and spiritual strength.