Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall at the Nuffer house

Every year I try to take pictures of some fall decor in our house so that next year I have a starting point.  I have THE WORST memory so this blog entry is my memory.  I didn't take pictures last year and it was like starting all over this year.  It takes so much longer to decorate when I have to start from scratch each season/holiday.  Anyway, here's a little fall in the Nuffer house.

I want to add some height for the above pumpkins, so I'm on the look out for some mix-matched candlesticks on Craigslist, at garage sales, or at a thrift store.  So this is still a work in progress.  I don't love it yet.

We don't have a Thankful Tree yet, but we will after Halloween.  And it will probably sit behind the Happy Harvest sign.  Can't wait!

Monday, August 20, 2012

School countdown craft!

I am appointing myself the new queen of advent calendars!  I LOVE THEM!!!  They are so easy to make and they keep Jackson from asking me all day, every day when the next big day is will be here.  We have told him all summer that he gets to start school after his birthday, so now that his birthday is over he doesn't understand why it's not time for school.  I made a new advent calendar to countdown the days till school.  It think this one turned out cuter than the birthday calendar.  We're already down 2 days, so only 15 more days to go!!  WOOHOO!!

Finally 4!!

My biggest little buddy finally turned 4.  He has been waiting all summer for his birthday and it finally arrived!  He had a fantastic birthday filled with all his favorite things!  I decided to start having simple birthdays and leave the big parties for big birthdays.  This year was super simple.  I let Jackson pick out everything at the Dollar Tree- the whole thing cost me $5 tops!  Amazing!  Nothing matched and nothing coordinated, and my OCD didn't mind at all because it was all stuff Jackson picked out.  He picked the plates, napkins, the wrapping paper, and even decorated his cake himself.  It was a good day!  Fun for him and stress free for me!  Best birthday yet!

Jackson's birthday morning started with decorating his cake!  He doesn't eat cake or ice cream, although, he was super excited to have a birthday cake.  If you asked him what he wanted for his birthday he would quickly answer, "a birthday cake!".  I was glad that he was so excited to decorate his cake since I knew he wouldn't eat any of it.

This is his "Seriously, Mom, enough pictures." face.

The best "smile" I could get out of him with his cake

Here's the cake.  He did a great job!  Too bad I can't get the picture to turn the right way...

Here's the birthday table before the rest of the family came over.  The table was filled with gifts from family and friends all over the country!  He's a lucky boy!

Jackson got to invite one friend because what's a party without at least one friend?  And, of course, he invited Maggie.  Maggie and her family are like family anyway, so it was a good choice.  I found little foam frames and birthday stickers for the kids to decorate and keep after the party so I tried to take a few pictures of them together for their frames.  This one is so cute!!  Maggie looks like she's posing for a prom picture, and Jackson, true to form, is acting very silly.  They love each other so much!

Decorating their frames.  Maggie was a minimalist and Jackson stacked the stickers everywhere.

This was the picture we used for their frames.  Thanks, Sarah!  You did a much better job than me.  ;)
They're so flippin cute!

Opening gifts!  This took awhile because Jackson tried not to be too messy.  He even saved all the bows for me on a table.  He's his Momma's boy!  Maggie kept asking if he was ready to open her gift to him.  He waited till the very end to open her gift, I guess he was teaching her patience OR he saved the best for last!  

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kelsey got him a Batman mask and cape.  He LOVES this set.  LOVES it!  But he won't talk if the mask is on, he has to lift the mask up to talk.  If only I can find a way to keep the mask on all day...  

Jackson had a really great day.  He had so much fun, start to finish!  Thank you so much for all that remembered him on his 4th birthday.  He is very loved.


Jackson played soccer for the first time this summer and he had a lot of fun.  We learned that he's best at being the goalie because if he's in the field he'd rather pick the grass and smell the flowers (much to Daddy's dismay).  I did the exact same thing when I played soccer at his age, except I chased boys too.  ;)  He looks just like me and acts just like me so I'm not too surprised at this soccer skills, or lack thereof.  Anyway, he did have a fun time and has asked several times if we can go to soccer.

Jackson and his coach.  He was so good with Jackson, and so patient.  Thanks, coach!

And the team.

Joyland fun!

Well, it was time for Jim's company picnic and every year they have it at a small amusement park in town.  We took the boys for dinner and rides!  here are some pictures from our adventure.  Surprisingly Jackson was not afraid of the rides.  In fact, he went on some rides all by himself.  I don't have pictures of Austin on the rides because I was usually sitting with him and Daddy has those pictures on his phone.  Maybe I'll update this later.

Friendly craft

A few times a year I have breakfast with some old coworkers.  Well, it was time for one of our "girls breakfasts" recently and I realized we had known each other for 10 years.  I look forward to our breakfasts and I love each girl individually for what she brings to the table.  We are all so different and diverse.  Anyway, I wanted to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with little cards, so this is the craft I came up with...

I put together some cards for each girl.  Sorry I can't get the pictures to turn correctly.

I made these little felt flowers and crafted them into bookmarks.  I got the felt flower tutorial here.  And I just added a little extra leaf to the back and hot glued them to paper clips.  I think they turned out really cute.  Just a little way to celebrate our friendships with each other.  I just adore my girls!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bargain shopping!!

I already posted that it's time for Jackson to start school.  Well, that means he needs some new shoes to start school with and I have a couple coupons that will help get him some cute shoes at a discount.  We were at Target yesterday looking at their shoes and I remembered that I had already bought a couple pairs of shoes on clearance when Jackson was only a year or so.  I bought them because they were super cheap and I knew one day he would grow into them.  I keep a box of clothes and shoes that I've bought on clearance that Jackson will eventually fit into.  So I checked that box and sure enough there was a pair of size 11 tennis shoes right on top.  AND just guess how much I paid for those shoes years ago?  $2.46!  That's right!  Jackson has a new pair of tennis shoes for school this year and it cost me less than $2.50!  This find totally made my day!  Hip hip hooray for clearance shopping!!

And to top it all off, there were 2 shirts that he can wear now (one short sleeve, one long sleeve) and another pair of size 11 shoes.  WOOHOO!  It's like school shopping Christmas in our house today!!  YAY me!

PS If Uncle Jeff or Aunt Kelsey read this, the short sleeve shirt is a shirt you guys bought him awhile ago.  He can wear it now and will be sporting it at school this year!  Thank you!

My newest craft challenge

My biggest little buddy is starting school this fall.  I can't believe it's just a couple weeks away!  To put in perspective how huge this is to me I'll share a little moment in our house.  A week or so ago we got a letter from his preschool with some information and a schedule of the year's upcoming events.  I was doing dishes while Jim named off all the cute activities that Jackson will be involved in this year like, Jesus' birthday party, a Valentine's Party, picnics, and even a circus, not to mention we get to go to parent/teacher conferences.  I'm so excited for Jackson!  I was so overwhelmed with excitement, and shocked that it's almost here, plus a little bit of sadness that he's so grown up already that I just cried over my sink full of dirty dishes.  I'm tearing up now just thinking about all of it.  I just can't believe it.  It seems like just a few months ago he was teetering and wobbling as a new walker, and handing me any tiny little shred of garbage he could get his little hands on and saying, "tash, mama".  Oh, how I love my biggest bug!

Anyway, I called his school to find out if he needed any special school supplies, but all he needs is a spiral.  They also recommended a backpack.  Little do they know that Jackson already informed me that he "needs" a backpack to go to school.  We found a backpack that we could all agree on.  At first, we let Jackson choose which backpack he wanted and he proudly chose a pink and purple Dora backpack, but I had to make him put that backpack back because Daddy is already cringing since I'm considering putting Jackson in a dance class.  He loves to dance, but that's for another post.  Anyway, his next choice was just a plain black and gray backpack.  I tried to get him to pick a more "fun" backpack, but he wanted the gray and black backpack.  Jim had the idea to put a Batman patch on it to make it more suited to Jackson, since Jackson loves Batman right now.  So this is what I created...

I found the Batman logo pattern here.  I just cut out the pattern on yellow and black felt then stitched them together.  I ironed a fusable web type fabric to make it a bit more sturdy.  Then, I glued it onto the back pack using Mighty Mend-it glue.

TADA!  Jackson's first backpack:

He also chose a black spiral, so I'm probably going to paint the Batman logo on that too with his name.  I'm so excited for Jackson.  I LOVED school.  Still do.

George Albert Smith challenge, July

"Avoid the publicity of high positions and discourage the flattery of thoughtless friends"

Ok, so this month I really did forget about the George challenge, good thing I avoid publicity in my everyday life.  It's so hard to avoid publicity, especially when the paparazzi is all over me these days.  I just shop late at night in a hoodie and dark glasses so no one recognizes me.  It's working so far!  ;)

August's challenge:  "I would not knowingly wound the feelings of any, not even one who may have wronged me, but would seek to do him good and make him my friend"

I'm excited about August's challenge because without knowing what the challenge for this month is I have been deliberately watching what and how I say things to people.  I am naturally VERY sarcastic.  I have toned it down immensely since I had children, but my words can still have a bite to them.  Anyway, I'm eager to try to become a more kind person through my thoughts and words, and I'm excited for this month's challenge.