Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mommy's birthday!

Jim hit a grand slam with my birthday this year!  He and the boys gave me a TEA PARTY!  It might sound silly, but it's exactly what I wanted and needed and I didn't even know it.  Jim had read on a friend's post (this friend has 3 little girls) that I desperately wished I could have a tea party!  I LOVE my boys and I am SUPER grateful I never have to deal with teenage daughters because I know me and I was awful!  But having boys means I don't get to do certain things.  There are no frilly dresses or bows, there are no Barbies or plastic heels with Disney Princesses on them, and I definitely don't get to have tea parties.  Not that my boys wouldn't have a tea party, I mean, let's be honest, Austin will always have a good time when food is involved!  And both my manly boys want dolls for Christmas:  Jackson wants the singing Elsa doll and Austin wants the talking Little Mermaid doll.  Side story:  We were in the store the other day and Jackson saw the Elsa doll he wants and he got very excited!  He started to tell me about the doll, but he suddenly got very quiet and I couldn't understand him.  I realized someone had walked into the aisle we were in and Jackson was embarrassed to talk about the doll he wanted.  It made me giggle a little bit and I was a little sad, I don't want him to be embarrassed because he wants a "girl" toy.  Heck, I LOVED me some GI Joe and He-Man when I was a little girl, and I was never embarrassed about it.  Stupid gender rolls and stereotypes, even my 6 year old feels the pressure.

Anyway, back to MY tea party.  I had a pedicure Saturday morning with a good friend- thank you, dad!  A pedicure was all I really wanted.  Well, that and some fuzzy flip flop slippers- thank you, Jim!  Here's my pretty toes- a great color for fall and Christmas!  ;)

Jim asked me to call him when I was finished and when I did he informed me there was something in the glove box for me...

An invitation to my very own TEA PARTY!
Happy birthday to me!
Seriously, I loved it!  My house is filled to capacity with testosterone, so my boys giving me some girly time was perfect!

I came home to find all my boys princessed up for my birthday princess tea party!
Everyone from daddy down to the littlest Nuffer-

Austin caught a cold on Saturday (along with Harrison) so he was a little glum.

How adorable are all of them!?  And what good sports!

And I got really birthday princessed up!
Notice TWO fever blisters...
But my boys made sure I had an excellent birthday regardless of mother nature's thwarts!

We had all kinds of yummy treats and drinks!
And the boys even made me necklaces for my birthday!
I wore them to dinner that night at Texas Roadhouse, but we don't have any pictures from that night.
Even if Jim says there are embarrassing pictures of me on a "birthday saddle", just know that he's lying!

But here are my sweet boys making me my beautiful necklaces.

This even tops the year that Jim surprised me with a KitchenAid mixer.

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