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Super grandma strikes again!

Oy vay, I have quite a list of issues with Jackson's school, but this week the school menu tops the list.  They send home (and post online) the school lunch menu for parents to see.  Jackson is a super picky eater, so I usually send him to school with a lunch.  A couple of times I have sent him to school without a packed lunch because what the school is preparing is something he would enjoy.  Both times the menu was NOT what was listed and Jackson went hungry.  Today, that same situation happened, but I took it up with the cafeteria before leaving him without a packed lunch.  Sure enough, what was being served had nothing to do with the menu, but a very nice lady gave me the "real" menu for the rest of the six weeks and told me to see her every six weeks for the rest of the year so I could be "in the know" from now on.  Nice lady!

Loooonnnngggg story short, Jackson was without a lunch today so my mom brought Jackson his favorite lunch- McDonald's Happy Meal…

Man of the House

Yesterday, I became a HANGRY (very hungry, very angry) pregnant lady because I was ravenously hungry all day, but didn't get a chance to really eat, so by yesterday afternoon, I got a little cranky.  And by 5 o'clock I was insane!  Poor Jim took the brunt of my crazy, but he shined through- after several pregnancies, and our third baby he's pretty used to my crazy and handles it very well.  Anyway, on his way out to grab some food that I was craving he had the genius idea to pull Jackson aside and give him "the keys" to being Man of the House while he was gone.  Jim explained to Jackson, as he handed him "the keys" (an extra set of work keys), that being the Man of the House means taking care of Austin and me, making responsible choices, and not fighting, but helping where he needed to help.  He then asked Jackson if he was ready to take on such a big responsibility, to which Jackson very seriously said, "yes, daddy" as he took the special key…

Austin's sick ...again.

Last year the boys were sick from January through March.  They had Fifths Disease, the flu, and several infections (ears, respiratory, sinus, etc.).  They just seemed to spread each illness back and forth.  It was rough.  This year has been sooo much better!  But we have the never-ending stomach bug.  First, Jackson got it and then almost a week later Austin caught it.  Jackson was a little easier because he knows how to use the "throw-up bucket" (for lack of a better, more polite term), but Austin's still a little scared of vomiting so he pushes the bucket (or bag or whatever) away so the "sick" just goes everywhere.  Lovely, I know.  I'm just trying to paint the picture of what we deal with when our toddler is sick.  And why do children always seem to get sick in the middle of the night when we're peacefully sleeping.  Thankfully, both boys woke up screaming after being sick in bed in the middle of the night, but the well child just slept through the …