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Christmas 2013 with the Nuffers

I have to say that I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!  However, this year I was in survival mode.  I'm in the first trimester of my LAST pregnancy and I am exhausted- like I feel like I have taken really strong pain meds that make me want to knock out instantly all. day. long.  It's insane how tired I am this time around.  And, of course, there's the nausea and indigestion.  There's just nothing pretty, lovely or easy about the first trimester.  Anyway, I have really felt guilty that I haven't done as much with the boys this year like I normally do, but there's no reason to be guilty because it's all for a FANTASTIC cause (which the boys are super excited about) and they still had a really nice Christmas.  So I am going to focus on all the fun WE DID HAVE this year, instead of all the things I didn't get around to!  Here it goes-
First, we started a new tradition of wrapping 24 Christmas books so the boys could take turns opening one every night leading to Christmas.  …

Thanksgiving lunch with my biggest little!

I don't get a whole lot of one on one time with Jackson without little brother jumping in the middle, so I was pretty excited for the chance to have Thanksgiving lunch with JUST Jackson!

He's standing in line, being a super good, big boy!   Even if it does look like he has no arms...

Lunch time! My biggest-little handsome-

Being silly

After lunch, Jackson's class sang their "Presidents" song for the parents. Jackson is in the middle/back in the gray sweater.  That little girl with glasses being a little ham was absolutely adorable.  She told me her mommy is sick, but she would be well soon because she was praying for her mommy. So cute!  They all did a GREAT job!

I had such a nice lunch with my biggest little!

Happy Halloween!

Yeah... I've totally put the blog off for quite awhile.  I'll start with Halloween.  It was a good Halloween, and completely safe since we constantly had Superman and Batman with us!

First, was Jackson's FIRST fall festival at school!  We ate at Chick Fil A for dinner before we headed out to the festival.  The boys were thrilled because they got to eat in their costumes.  But first we needed to take some pictures with our handsome superheroes.

Next we hit the Halloween Festival!

There were lots of games to play!  But I didn't get really good shots of the games

And the aftermath:  2 worn-out, but happy superheroes.

Next, we celebrated Halloween on pajama day at school.

Then it was time to decorate and carve pumpkins. Jackson's is on the right and Austin's is on the left.

And finally it was time for Trunk or Treat!   I had a final that night, but I still made it on time.  Phew!

We hope you had a ghoulish Halloween!  From our family to yours.

Fall wreaths, my favorite!

So, I LOVE LoVe love fall!!  I love everything about it.  Everything!  I really love to decorate for fall because it's the start of all kinds of fun decor.  Plus, fall colors are my favorite of all colors.  Anyway-  Last year I made a wreath that I forgot to post.  Jim said it needed a little owl to finish it off, so I might need to make this wreath a little felt owl friend.

Here's this year's wreath. As you can see, I have a bit of an addiction to burlap (since I just made a summer burlap wreath).  Love it! What can be better than a fall wreath AND burlap??

It's time for another party!

This time it's great grandpa Marlow's birthday AND grandma Marlow's birthday!
You gotta start out with a few decorations.

A little cake. By the way, this cake was delicious!  I found a chocolate cake recipe online that had over 4,000 reviews, ALL of them giving this recipe 5 out of 5 stars.  And I have to say, I concur.  It was delicious. And thank you for the delicious frosting recipe Lindsay!

Happy birthday, grandpa!

Right after I took this ^^ picture, his hat fell.  It was so sad, it was funny. He wore this sad hat for quite awhile after it fell.  Also, kinda funny.

Happy birthday, grandma! (Grandma's hat never fell, she must be a little more lucky)

And Austin LOVED the cake!  He was a chocolatey mess.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandpa and my mom!

Welcome Fall!

A new Blog design for a new season.

I love you fall and I'm so glad that you're just around the corner.

Please bring pumpkins and hayrides and beautiful leaves and cooler weather as soon as you possibly can.

Jackson's first day of kindergarten!!!

It's finally here, Jackson's first day of kindergarten!  It has been a good summer, but it was kind of rough too.  Jackson has had some behavioral issues because he needed more to do than mom's summer camp, so I was pretty stoked that it was time for school to start.  I knew the challenge, routine, and structure would be really good for Jackson.  I didn't think I would cry, but I did.  He gave me extra loves and hugs which is very unusual for him, but my slightly broken heart was very grateful for it.  Today was day 2 of kindergarten and he was really excited to get to school!

GOOD MORNING! He woke up BEFORE 6am because he was so excited. I was super excited for him.

Yes, I took a picture of his lunch on his first day of kindergarten.   I think it would be cool to know what I ate for lunch that first day.
Classic first day picture. He was to be at school so early that there wasn't enough light outside to take pictures like I planned. So we improvised.  He even gave…

Easter in August

For one reason or another, I never did get pictures of the boys in their Easter outfits last spring.  Since they wore their Easter outfits last Sunday, I took advantage of the situation.  I don't know why my children don't like to take pictures (probably because I'm ALWAYS taking their picture), but they both refuse to smile nicely.  Ever.  Good thing they're adorable regardless.

Easter 2013 This was the best shot I got Sunday morning.  I do love pictures where Austin is looking up to his big brother.  He thinks Jackson is the coolest person he knows.
They look bored here-
Austin tried, but I caught him with his eyes closed.
"You got something right here, let me get it"
Austin's adorable, but Jackson looks intoxicated.
"Mom, pleeeeeease stop."
Last one...
Austin:  "Maybe if I stand really still they won't see me and she'll finally STOP!"