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Life got away with me again and A LOT has happened in the last month or two since Easter, so it's time to play Nuffer catch-up.

First up, a letter to daddy. We played outside one day while waiting for Jim to get home and Jackson wanted to write a note to daddy that he'd see when he gets home. It reads, "Dear Daddy, 'your' welcome home from work.  PS I love you!" He's so cute!

Harrison learned a couple new tricks: He learned to read:

And balance stuff on his head:

We're so proud!
This next story might not be for the faint of heart. Monkey was tortured. I'm not 100% sure why, but I'm sure he wouldn't tell some important and critical information that Jackson was trying to pry out of him. Stay strong, Monkey! First he was put in the gas chamber.  For hours. Literally hours.

But apparently he didn't talk because later that day I found him like this:

Poor, Monkey.  He's so brave.
For awhile Jim was working weekends, so on Saturdays I too…