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I hate you Fisher Price!!!

Austin is sleeping through the night now in his bed, not in the swing, which is the one blessing of the swing breaking. BUT Fisher Price, or Fisher Poop as I now refer to them, was supposed to send a new motor on the 15th. That was Friday. No motor was sent. So I called this morning and they told me that the motor is out till the end of the month probably. It might be even longer than than the end of the month. The very helpful sales lady (insert sarcasm here) told me that if I just give her my credit card number they will charge me for a new swing which they will send in 6-8 weeks, and then at my leisure I can send back the old one. Then 6-8 weeks from the time I send back the old swing they will credit my card back. What!?! Really?? You want me to buy another swing from you? Um, NO! NO, I will NOT buy 2 crappy swings from you, I learned my lesson the first time. I learned not only is the swing a piece of junk (made manifest by your lack of motors telling me they go out o…

A blessing in disguise

We bought a fancy-shmancy swing for Austin because we had everything else left over from Jackson, so I put some decent money into the swing that I wanted. So we bought the Snugli Bunny swing by Fisher Price. The swing is adorable and Austin LOVES it, he even sleeps in it every night. I'm completely ok with Austin sleeping in his swing. I'm a much more laid back mommy with Austin than I was with Jackson. I figured I would just start sleep-training Austin at 4 months. I don't know what made 4 months the magical age, but that's when I was going to transition Austin from the swing to the bassinet/pack-n-play/crib. Well, Austin's swing broke during his afternoon nap on the 4th of July. Sad. And angry! I was mostly angry because of the money we put into the swing just to have it break so quickly, and I was sad because I just knew the sleep transition would be HORRIBLE for Austin. Making for a rough few nights for mommy and daddy.
Long story short, Austin didn&#…

4th of July, let the fireworks begin! Oh, wait, the fireworks were banned this year.

Even without the fireworks we had a really good 4th. We took Jackson to the local parade and he had a blast! He got to see horses and heroes, wave at funny people dressed up in costumes, drum daddy's head with the bands, and he even got a little candy along the way. Best of all, Austin stayed at home with Grandma, so Jackson had Mommy and Daddy all to himself. I know just being with Mommy and Daddy was his favorite part because when it was time to go home he started crying, saying, "No baby Austin! No baby Austin!". He'll learn someday how important his brother is, but Austin's not much fun right now, at least that's Jackson's opinion. I LOVE Austin's age!
Daddy and Jackson waiting for the parade to begin.

Mommy and Daddy waiting for the parade to get started.

We tried to get a family picture in, but this was as good as it got...

I do like our family picture because we captured Jackson's "smile for me" face. He's such a nut! Her…