Saturday, November 1, 2014

I love to see the temple...

Austin is a little obsessed with the temple right now.  He knows where to find it when we're on the loop.  He always yells, "I can see the temple!  It's by the water tower!".  He knows the Angel Moroni is on top and he knows that the temple is Heavenly Father's house.  I thought he would like it if we had FHE on temple grounds and walked around the temple a time or two.  He LOVED it!  We had the temple FHE on Wednesday (Jim has class on Monday nights) and he has asked to go back to the temple every day since.

We talked about what we do in the temple, who goes into the temple, when the boys can go to the temple for the first time, and the things we do to get and keep a temple recommend.  Austin's such a smarty pants!  I asked the boys what they think happens in the temple as we started FHE and Austin quickly answered, "We pway and talk about Jesus in the temple!"
Now, that's one bright 3 year old.  Such a good, sweet boy!

Here's a couple pictures at the temple.
Jackson was a little under the weather, so he did not appreciate having to smile for pictures, but he did a pretty good job!

I love these little faces!
This picture shows all their little personalities:  Jackson is being responsible and just doing what I asked him to even though he doesn't feel well.  Austin is a little ham and Harrison with those dimples- so so so cute!

Harrison was all smiles while we were at the temple.  From the moment we got there he was smiling and cooing.

It was a really good night.

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