Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Christmas card time!

I love love love to send things through regular mail. It's becoming so archaic, and it makes me so sad. Real letters and cards are not often given these days and it is a real tragedy. Technology is fantastic and I don't know what I would do without it, but handwritten letters and cards are left in the wayside. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is real cards sent through the good ole' US Post Office! LOVE it!!

Today I finished taking and printing off the picture we will be adding to our Christmas card this year. I chose to buy cards this year that I can send a little note in with a picture instead of buying the cards that are just the picture... if this makes sense? I used to write a personal note in every card and I haven't done that in a few years because there isn't really a place for a personal note on the picture cards.

So I'm starting my Christmas cards right now and I'm so excited! I'm grateful to add a little personal note to each recipient again.

Here's an out take from our little photo session this afternoon. I love these boys!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Santa made an unusual visit to our house on Thanksgiving...

In the form of an egg.

We were preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and while boiling some eggs we realized we had a very special visit from Santa! Hilarious.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My little turkey

It's Austin's first Thanksgiving and I couldn't find a cute "My 1st Thanksgiving" outfit for him, so (thanks to Pinterest, again) I made him a Thanksgiving shirt. With a brown onesie, a little felt and string, I made this for my little turkey...



I can't wait to see him in this Thanksgiving shirt! He's going to be adorable!

UPDATE: Here is Austin on Thanksgiving wearing his turkey shirt.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A cute little thank you

Once again, my Pinterest obsession has yielded great results! I missed classes last week and I wanted to give a little 'thank you' to those who subbed for me. Thanks to Pinterest I came up with these little notes. (Sorry for the poor picture quality, I used my phone.)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maybe a new birthday tradition...

I just have one brother and his birthday is 5 days before mine, so it's been pretty easy to keep up with him. Jim, however, has 3 brothers and a sister, and now 3 of his siblings are married, so the birthday's just keep adding up. My forgetful brain can NOT keep up. Anyway, I've been looking for a cute and thoughtful way to send birthday greetings to all the aunts and uncles since we've been married. Almost 4 years later I think I finally have an idea!

My idea is to make a birthday sign every year and have the boys take a picture with the sign for whatever family member has a birthday. Then send the person the picture with birthday greetings. Then every year they will have a different picture with the boys as they grow and I won't feel guilty missing anyone's birthday without proper acknowledgement. I also thought that it would make a great photo album for us if we keep each person's birthday picture with the boys and watch their growth progression throughout the year.

I just started the tradition with my little brother and Jim's little sister. Happy Birthday Uncle Brian and Aunt Julie!!

Uncle Brian's Happy Birthday picture had some funny outtakes...

What!?!? Huh?!?!

Austin suddenly noticing the big brightly colored sign.

And both boys fake laughing hysterically.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Austin's first meal at the Table

Austin is our little beast baby. He didn't get the nickname "Big Papa" on accident, he's huge! Even bigger than Jackson was, and I thought Jackson was big. He eats a lot to keep up with his quickly growing body. He's eating what we eat already! Here is Austin's first dinner at the table eating exactly what we ate, spaghetti and garlic bread (plus some banana).

And this is his after picture. He took it down!

He ate more than Jackson did last night. What happened to my little infant baby boy?

Monday, November 7, 2011

"Give Said the Little String"

Tonight we learned about how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. A couple funny FHE moments occurred, as always. The first funny moment was when I asked Jim to come up with the opening song. He asked me if I knew the "Give Said the Little String" song. I thought, "hmm, no, but I know the 'Give Said the Little Stream' song". He just looked at me funny, so I sang the song I knew and he said, "all these years I thought it was the 'Give Said the Little String' song. Stream makes much more sense!".

The other funny moment was when I asked Jackson if Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love Baby Austin and he said, "NO! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love Daddy!". Austin always gets the short straw in Jackson's world.

Then we made these fun Thanksgiving headbands. Jackson usually LOVES hats and any other accessory he can put on his body, but tonight he was not liking the turkey headband (so I made it into a turkey wristband). Out of 196 shots, this was the only decent picture we got of them in their adorable turkey headbands.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Thankful Tree

Pinterest gave me the great idea of the Thankful Tree. I collected some branches from the backyard, the Cricut cut out some "leaves" for me, and then we filled the leaves of our Thankful Tree with all the things that we are grateful for. I asked Jackson what he is thankful for and some of his responses were: sticky tape, the Thankful Tree, outside, and pancakes. He makes my heart happy. I can't wait to continue this tradition every year! Here is our 2011 Thankful Tree.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A month of gratitude

Everyday I will edit this post for something I am grateful for that day for every day of the month of November.

1. Today I am grateful for my family. I wasn't sure I would get married or have children, and I have been blessed with both.

2. Today I am grateful for being productive. I'm grateful I have the health and capacity to clean and organize, and that I am able to do so while staying home with my children.
--I'm apparently trying to hurry and get through November because I posted 2 on the 1st. Oh well, this will count for today's.

3. Today I am grateful for my students. I really didn't want to go in to work tonight, but I'm so glad I did. My students needed me and it was good to talk with all of them. Students are why I love teaching!

4. Today I am grateful for quiet moments to myself. Jim is sick, Austin is teething, and Jackson is... well, 3, so I'm doing everything alone and it's been a long day. I'm grateful for 10 quiet minutes because sometimes that's all it takes to rejuvenate myself so I can jump back into the game.

5. Today I am grateful for my extended family and how much they love Jim and our boys.

6. Today I am grateful for Jackson's sweet voice coming through the monitor and his vivid imagination. Apparently, Dora was having a very perilous adventure in his room this morning.

7. Today I am grateful for FHE. It never goes the way I plan, but it always turns out well. Jackson is quite opinionated these days, and he keeps things interesting.

8. Today I am grateful for Big Papa. He's getting so big so quickly! Even though he's definitely Daddy's boy he still has a little room for mommy. Tonight after my shower I walked out and he immediately started smiling and kicking and reaching for me. I have no words to describe how much his excitement and reaching meant to me. I love my little cuddle bug!

9. Today I am thankful for drive-thru's. It sounds silly, but I was so tired today and I was so grateful to be able to grab some Taco Bell and go home with little effort and virtually no clean up. Yay!

10. Today I am grateful for the health of my children. Austin had a stomach bug at the beginning of the day, but played through it like nothing was wrong. I am grateful that at the end of the day he was keeping down Pedialite AND milk. I'm so very very grateful for their health. It is truly something I'm grateful for every day of their lives.

11. Today I am grateful for 2 things: First, my little brother who turns 19 today. He has grown into a very kind and loving man with integrity (and that's not easy to find these days). I'm very proud of him. And second, I'm also very grateful for all the men and women who have fought for my freedom, especially the freedom of my children.

12. Today I am grateful I can just my boys as guinea pigs, so that I can play out all my crazy craft ideas on them. Poor Austin, he gets the brunt of my crazy.

13. Today I am grateful for the lesson about the Millennium in Relief Society today. I felt the spirit strongly reminding me of the truthfulness of the gospel AND it answered so many questions that have been lingering for quite awhile. Thank you Sister Hoke!

14. Today I am grateful for the Spirit that reminds me and teaches me invaluable lessons anytime I'm willing to listen.

15. Today I am grateful for my eternal marriage. Jim is my very best friend and my most favorite person. I'm so grateful for our communication skills and our strong relationship. I'm SO glad I have him forever.

16. Today I'm grateful for my life. I turned 32 today and I am healthy and strong. I have a fantastic family that I am so very grateful for, and amazing friends that continue to bless me.

17. Today I am grateful for the resilience and cheer that children naturally have. Jackson has some mean allergies right now that just appeared out of no where last night, but he is still happy and cheery and joyful even though he has to blow his little nose every 5 minutes and his little eyes are so very watery. It's so cute to watch him play and dance while little allergy tears run down his sweet little cheeks.

18. Oh my, I'm very behind, time to catch up! Today I am grateful for my job. My students are amazing. I'm so grateful I'm just part time and that it's only nights- such a blessing to our family.

19. Today I'm grateful for Jim. He's AMAZING! Truly my favorite person and my best friend. He is always sweet and kind, and always thinking about how to make me feel loved and special. He's my favorite!

20. Today I'm grateful for both of my children and the miracle they are. They are so very different from each other, but they love each other so much already. Jackson wants to be with Austin all the time and Austin thinks Jackson hung the moon. No one is as cool as Jackson in Austin's eyes. I pray with every fiber of my being that they will remain close forever.

21. Today I'm grateful that it's Sunday and we get to stay home and get well. We've all been ill a lot the last few weeks and we're rarely sick. Hoping we kick all illness today!

22. Today I'm grateful for a week off school. I really enjoy school, but having a little time off is quite a stress relief. I'm also grateful this is such an easy semester. Phew!

23. Today I'm grateful for the student standing outside that was truly grateful and happy for the little treat I gave her as I was leaving work tonight. She made me feel joyful as I ended my evening.

24. Today I am grateful for my grandmother. She changed her life to raise me (while my mother worked and went to school) and she didn't have to. She's very strong and keeps our family glued together.

25. Today I am grateful for the dreary weather outside and that my family is cozy inside.

26. Today I am grateful for Christmas which is less than a month away!

27. Today I am grateful for this time of year and that I have 2 boys in my life to share it with. Every holiday is 100 times better when there are children!

28. Today I am grateful that Jim has the day off and that we are able to run errands. It seems mundane, but having him home is nice and it makes things much easier.

29. Today I am grateful for my education. It allows me to help and teach others and there is nothing else in this world I would rather do! ...and I get paid to do it. Double blessing.

30. Today I am grateful for Austin's 2 bottom teeth little smile. He smiles almost every time I look at him and those two teeth could not be any cuter! He has 4 teeth as of Monday, but I can only see his 2 two bottom teeth and they make his smile perfect!

Homemade taggie toy

Ok, first, I can't believe it's November already!! I'm glad because I LOVE this time of year, but so extremely sad because Austin's first year is going by so ridiculously fast. So very fast. Right after the holidays I have to start planning his 1st birthday. :(

So when Jackson was born taggie toys (which is what I call those toys with tags all over them- I don't know what they're really called) were all the rage in the baby toy world. I didn't understand why they were so popular because Jackson didn't have a tag affection. Austin, however, LOVES tags. The boy can find the tag on anything and he will chew and suck on every tag he can find all day long! Finally, I understand the obsession over taggie toys and I set out to find Austin some cute taggie toys. I went to every store around and I could not find one single taggie toy. What happened!? 3 years ago I couldn't go anywhere and not have taggie toys on every toy corner, and now they are no where to be found. Well, Austin still needed a taggie toy to feed his tag hunger, so I decided to make one myself with a little felt and ribbon. The whole project only took me a few hours and I hand stitched the whole thing.

Just as I thought, he loves it!!