Friday, April 18, 2014

Can I finally join the club??

I have issues with making anything with yeast.  It scares me.  I tried making rolls or bread in home-ec as a kid and it was a FLOP!  Since, I stay far away from baking goods with yeast, so of course, that includes homemade bread.  I LOVE homemade bread, but I've never made it.  I realize I'm not a real Mormon wife and mother because of this huge flaw, but I've managed to make it as a so-so wife and mom with this awful glitch in my character.  Then I came across an "easy" recipe for honey wheat bread (thanks for posting it on fb Liz Nuffer) and decided to conquer my fear of yeast.

First things first, I had to buy yeast- there are 394 different kinds of yeast.  No one warned me how many different kinds there were!  My fear began to overcome me, but I gathered all my strength and picked the most interestingly plain kind I could find.  Hopefully it would do the trick!

I followed the recipe, but it said to wait until the yeast "frothed".  What the heck!?!?  The yeast should look like it has rabies!?!?  It made no sense to me.  And just so you know, my yeast got thicker, but there was no rabies frothing or foaming- again, very confusing.  Next, I "kneaded" the dough, I think... This is what I ended up with.  It sure didn't look like Martha's bread on TV...

I was pretty skeptical, but I put it in the oven with a "warm bath" of water underneath to let it rise.
Here's where my first attempt at bread failed when I was a little girl.
BUT in an hour it did RISE!
Woot woot!

BAM!  I was feeling pretty good at this point.
But I had to let it rise again in the pans.  Would I fail here??

NOPE!  It did rise again!
I'm practically a pioneer at this point!

Now, all that's left is to bake it-

I did it!!  I'm a REAL Mormon woman now!

And the icing on the cake (or the butter on the bread, in this case),
it was delicious!
Take that yeast!  I'm a homemade bread making REAL Mormon wife and mother now!
So, my next challenge is cinnamon rolls.
I'm looking for a good recipe if anyone has one...


  1. Yay! Congratulations.. My favorite yeast is SAF yeast. It comes in a square foil/plastic type sack. I store it in the freezer and when I'm ready to use it I dump it into a quart jar and put it in the fridge. A great cinnamon roll recipe is from Pioneer Women, she even teaches you. Have fun...

  2. Ooo, the Pioneer Woman's recipe! Thanks! I'll try it next.

  3. I love your excitement and that bread looks delicious!! Send me your recipe please!! Congrats on such a major accomplishment!