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Week 1 of NFSC: Our body!

Last week was the first week of Nuffer Family Summer Camp (NFSC)!  It went so well!  ...but doesn't the first week always go well (ie; diets, working out, summer camps, etc.)?  Everyone is enthusiastic and energized!  We'll see how the next few weeks go now that the "new" has worn off.  But really, it was a great week!

First, we put together a skeleton puzzle! It was really fun.  Maybe a little complicated.  But fun! Austin named him Mr. Skeleton.  Very appropriate.

Then the boys visited our local fire station for this week's field trip because firemen help protect our bodies.  These men were WONDERFUL!  Just wonderful.  They were sweet, patient, very helpful, and ready to do whatever the boys wanted to do.  I was so impressed!  For starters, our awesome firemen explained the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine (I didn't even know the difference) and then they showed them all the different parts of the two vehicles.

I took this picture because t…

Nuffer Family Summer Camp!

It's time for summer camp!  I'm so excited this year for so many reasons-  For one, I'm not pregnant!  WOOHOO!  Two, I'm not in any classes this summer!  And third, I've made some changes to the summer camp that are going to make each week more fun and enjoyable for everyone.
The biggest change this year is that I'm nixing any kind of schedule.  Some days we just didn't get to whatever I had planned for that particular day, and I felt so guilty about it- like I failed at a camp that I created- that's crazy!  Ain't nobody got time to create senseless guilt!  So this year, every week will still have a theme (some old, some new), and each week we will have a field trip, a movie day, crafts, and experiments, but I'm not going to restrict myself to a certain day of specific activities.  Each week I'll have lots to do for that theme, more than enough activities for the week, so there will be plenty of choices and options for each day.  So, basica…