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FHEs 2015: Articles of Faith

This year I want the boys to learn the Articles of Faith (the basic beliefs of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).  January is all about AofF 1:  "We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in his son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost".  It was a lot of fun!

The first week we talked about Heavenly father.  I didn't get a whole lot in pictures of week 1. Week 2 was all about Jesus Christ.  We made fun books about Christ and the boys colored them.  They're still floating around the house too.

The 3rd week was all about the Holy Ghost.  I have made several attempts to teach the boys about the Holy Ghost, but it's a very hard concept to understand.  We made paper bag puppets and we used a flashlight/flashing ring to light up our puppets to try to explain that the Holy Ghost lives within our bodies.  I think this actually came the closest to helping the boys understand.  Here's a little video of them practicing this little object lesso…

Lovely winter days

It has been absolutely gorgeous the last couple of days in Lubbock!  We've taken advantage of the beautiful January weather by spending some time at the park.  Monday we decided to surprise the boys with a picnic at the park, and then letting them play and have fun!  Of course, they LOVED it!  All night the kept saying, "thank you for taking us the play today!".  The park is not something we usually do in the winter, especially not on school nights.  School nights are busy!  But I couldn't resist the wonderful weather!

Picnic time! Daddy and Jackson Jackson wanted to make funny faces!

Mommy and Austin Austin wanted to smile.

Harrison was gumming down some bread too, but I didn't get pictures of him at the picnic. Next, we got to feed the ducks! We fed the ducks 2 days in a row.  The boys were stoked! All my loves feeding the ducks (sort of)-

All 3 boys, Harrison laughed and yelled at the ducks!  ;)

More bread.  More ducks.

On the second day, Harrison needed a hat…

It's beginning to look a lot like... VALENTINE'S!

I won't even get into how much I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY this year.  See previous years' posts, but sufficeth to say, I love Valentine's Day!

This weekend I did a little decorating!  It's only 4 weeks away and I like to enjoy the hearts for awhile.  This year I finally got around to making a heart paper chain that I've been meaning to make for years.  I love the way it turned out!

And one more for good measure-

Oh, how I adore you, Valentine's Day!

Harrison: I can't believe he's 6 months already!!

It's true.  Somehow my sweetest littlest bug is already 6 months!  I can't believe it!  Each child's life seems to be twice as fast as the child before him.  This precious face is halfway to a year! **If you look super close you can see his 2 little teeth.  ;)
I never got around to a 5 month post or "official 6 month pictures", but he's doing all sorts of fun stuff now, so I have to write about him!
Awhile back, when he was still really little, I wrote about the older boys only getting out of bed in the morning when they know they can go see Harrison.  The morning's he gets to sleep in is rough.  I have to practically drag them out of bed and Jackson sometimes cries because he knows he probably won't see Harrison until after school.  Well these pictures were taken last week.  This is what happens every morning-

Is there a baby under there?? He looks frightened.

He's much happier here!
They LOVE their little brother. Austin loves his brother so mu…

Austin's first day of Primary!

It's a new year and Austin is 3, so he started Primary this year!  I heard he did really well!  I got to be there while they introduced him to the rest of the primary kids.  It was adorable!  He may have picked his nose the majority of the time he was standing in front of everyone, but whattyagonnado?  I took A LOT of pictures because not only was it Austin's first day of Primary, but also it was the boys' Christmas outfits.  Since we were sick during Christmas we missed church.

My big Primary boy first! He was sooo excited!

And Jackson- He was pretty excited to have his brother with him in primary finally.

The big boys-

All 3 boys- Harrison was pretty sick of pictures, but he looked so darn cute!

Daddy and his boys-

And me with all 3 of my sweet babies. I am so so grateful for each one of these little people.  I could not love them more!

New Years Eve 2015

The last couple New Years I have made balloons with special times on them and each balloon/time has a fun activity or treat or game etc., but this year since Harrison is so little and his schedule is a little watery I didn't want to have certain plans set in stone and then Harrison throw a fit because it's not what he wanted to do.  And I wanted a less stressful night, so we just kind of went with the flow of the night.  We were still getting over the flu that Jackson brought home for Christmas, so we stayed in.

A couple times a year I let the boys eat whatever they want for dinner, even if it's pure junk food.  New Years Eve is one of those nights.  I told them it was a special party night so they got to choose whatever food they wanted for dinner.  This was well received by all (including daddy).  They both requested cream cheese and crackers, and Jackson wanted peanut butter cups and Fruit By The Foot and Austin wanted Starbursts and Fruit Loop fruit snacks.  Jim bought…