Friday, October 24, 2014


Recently, I have been contemplating getting a job and starting my career.  A little back story:  I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom (if I ever became a mom at all).  I planned to go to graduate school to become a literature professor or I would go to law school and practice family law.  I chose to teach because I didn't think I could handle divorce case after divorce case or seeing innocent children hanging in the balance.  Frankly, I never thought I would get married, and I didn't get married until I was 28 years old.  I planned on teaching during the school year (after I finished graduate school) and traveling to all the faraway places I longed to go, starting with Italy, in the summers.  I was excited about my plans!  Inevitably, I met Jim in March of 2007 and we were married in November of that same year.  And then, SURPRISE, Jackson was due exactly 9 months from the day we were married.  I have often said that everything happened exactly like it was supposed to those two years (and every other year, for that matter), but it was a total and complete life change that I never planned- and I'm a planner.  There were times, in the beginning, when I questioned my choices, but then I looked at Jim and our beautiful baby boy and my heart was overfilled with joy and gratitude.  I couldn't love either of them more than I already did (though, I swear that today I do love them even more!).

Anyway, I couldn't fathom leaving my brand new baby boy with someone else while I worked, so I poured my heart out to Jim about my fears and concerns.  We were so poor (because every thing happened so fast, neither of us were prepared, we planned on being students still); I didn't think there was any way for me to stay home.  Some how, with our Heavenly Father's help and A LOT of sacrifice, I have been home with our boys each day of their lives.  As grateful as I am to be able to say those words, I still long to start my own career, and recently it's been getting the better of me.  We are still VERY budgeted and finances are tight, and I just think of how much easier it would be if I went back to work.  And possibly, how much happier I would be starting my career, something I have worked hard to eventually do, because, well, the grass is always greener... right?  Recently, I've seen friends buy beautiful dream homes while we still rent and sit in limbo about where we'll actually end up once we're done with school (which has taken so much longer than expected because we started a family so quickly).  I've seen friends (other mommy friends) flourishing in their careers and doing so well, and I admit the bug of jealousy has been eating away at me.  I am NOT a jealous person, not at all.  When I do feel jealous, I immediately think, what can I do to get what I desire?  What can I do to better myself?  So, I think that's why this "want" I have to start a career is really getting to me.  It would be so much easier on us financially if I started working.  I would feel even more fulfilled if I started my career (finally).  I COULD have it all!  But then I realize that Harrison deserves just as much of me as his brothers got.  And I can't imagine missing any of his firsts.  So, for now, I will put off my career a little longer and we will continue to budget our finances.  Our dream home will be there in a few years.  We'll find "our place" soon enough because our THREE boys are worth it, and because my time will come.  I will teach.  I will have it all.  Eventually.

This morning, as I was paying bills, I ran across this message.  It reminded me that my Heavenly Father knows my heart and hears my prayers even when I don't think to voice them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


My first born.
He's a stud!
He's intelligent.
Very independent.
A perfectionist.
Wide eyed.
Did I mention what a stud he is??

Today is picture day.  I was going to just put him in a button-up and sweater, but he begged and begged for a bow tie.  I told him we should change it up a bit because the last two years he's worn a bow tie for school pictures.  To which he informed me that he LOVES bow ties because he's worn them his whole life.  Not quite true, but if the boy wants a bow tie because he's a bow tie boy, then I had to let him wear a bow tie again.  So I put the boy in a button-up and sweater WITH a bow tie, but he said, and I quote, "Mom, I don't want to wear this sweater because I look so much cuter without the sweater, and I HAVE TO look cute for picture day."  He's definitely his mama's child.

But the reason for this post is because of last Friday.
He got his first report card with REAL grades.
Let me preface by saying, I did NOT cry this year when I dropped him off at school.  I didn't even want to cry- I wasn't holding back tears, he was just going to school.  I was proud of myself!  I'm totally getting this mom-thing down!
But then he got his first report card with REAL grades last Friday.
I don't know why, but I just cried and cried.  Seeing number grades on my baby's report card just hit me like a ton of bricks.
My baby is too small for real grades.
I was just singing "The Wheels On The Bus" while he splashed in the tub.
I was just snapping pictures while he gummed his first teething cookie.
And I was just laughing at him throw his tiny arms in the air because someone said "touchdown!"
That was just yesterday, right!?
For some reason, seeing the number grades on his report card made me realize he's not a baby anymore.
He'll always be MY baby, but he's no longer a baby.
Ugh, I have tears as I write this.
Oh, how I love my little stud, my first born baby boy!

I realized last Friday that I still think of Jackson like this-

And I probably will forever.

PS- I also learned last Friday that he not only got all "A's", but he's also Student of the 1st six weeks, and he had perfect attendance.  This school is such a better fit for him!

The many faces of Harrison (Halloween edition)

It's October, which means it's time for Halloween!  Harrison's FIRST Halloween.  Sure, he doesn't care, but since he is DEFINITELY our last baby I can't help but to buy all the "first" outfits- so I bought him a "My First Halloween" outfit-

He was a little ham this day, so I took advantage...

just relaxin'

Gimme a hug!

Don't you just want to squeeze him!?

And then I had to get skeleton pajamas...

because his brothers had skeleton pajamas.

They are still enamored by their little brother.  Truly.
I had to keep asking them to look at me because they want to do is stare at Harrison.  Still.

And one more, just because.

So, of course, I had to get him a pumpkin shirt because his brothers had one of those too.
Harrison was LOVING the brother time!

Then I ran across this little "batty for daddy" number, and I just couldn't resist.

And I can't just get a "batty for daddy" shirt when I found a "batty for mommy" shirt too.
(he wouldn't pay any attention to me even though I assured him his shirts said he was "batty" for me)

And then there was a cute little pumpkin bib that I found for less than a $1 before he was born...

That's all the Halloween attire I bought, I promise!
But... I love his little round belly in this orange shirt.  It's a little round pumpkin belly!

Yeah... I was swindled and hoodwinked by the makers of children's clothing this year.
But he is my last...
And he's sooooooo cute...
Worth it!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's fall and that means PUMPKIN PATCH!

I LOVE the fall!  LOVE IT!  I love everything that begins in the fall, one of which is visiting the pumpkin patch.  We go to a local farm every year, At'l Do Farm.  I've gone for over 10 years and the farm has grown so much in that time.  It's very family friendly and the boys love it as much as I do- and that includes Jim!

The farm just opened this week.  It was supposed to open last week, but with all the rain the season opening was rained out.  We weren't going to go this weekend because it rained again mid week and we didn't want to deal with the mud, but some friends assured us it wasn't very muddy at all, so off we went.

Just as we pulled into a parking space (right up front at one of the busiest times of the day- holla!), Austin informs us that he just pooped his pants.  Wait.  What!?  I don't have a change of clothes for him because he's been potty trained for months with no accidents.  Oy vay.  So while Jim took Austin to the bathroom, Jackson played in the mini maze.  ...and as it turns out, Austin's accident wasn't really anything at all.  Phew!

First we took a couple pictures-

They really are best friends.  That makes this mommy heart very happy!

Harrison and mommy- it was his first trip to the farm.  I think that tiny smile says that he loves it as much as we do!

Then we all headed over to the cow train before it got dark.  All THREE boys loved it!
Yes, I said THREE.

This year the farm plowed a family maze into the their corn, so we actually ventured through a maze this year.  Fastest maze I've ever been through.  It only took about 30 minutes and the boys really enjoyed reading all about Jack and the Cornstalk.  It was perfect for our family.  And the best part (for me and Harrison, anyway)?  We got to try out the new carrier and I LOVE IT!  Jim's cousin, Missi, told us that she just bought the cheapest carrier they had at Walmart and that she really liked it.  While looking and researching different carriers (and seeing how ridiculously priced they are) I took her advice.  The carrier was under $20 on Amazon and it's perfect!  Harrison didn't fuss at all and even fell asleep in the maze.  I'm highly impressed with this carrier.  I think it's one of the best purchases we've made this time around.

Look, he fell asleep!  Score!

After the maze it was pretty dark outside, so we ate a few snacks and then Jim and Jackson headed off to shoot some corn (I didn't get any pictures because the noise was too loud for Harrison, and Austin didn't like it either), so we headed inside the barn to wait for daddy and Jackson to finish.

A selfie with my two baby boys-

And the last activity of the night, a hayride through Pumpkin Hallow.  This is probably my favorite part of the farm this time of year.  Austin was a little nervous to ride (he's a little bit of a scaredy-pants these days), but after we left he said that the red ride (the hayride) was his favorite part of the night. 
A sweet lady took our picture, but with all the red-eyes it's not a very good picture.  It is good for the memories though.

We got home a little late for the boys, and Harrison didn't appreciate us keeping him up later than his usual bed time.  He's scowling at us even in his sleep.
Oh my goodness, I love this face!

Can't wait to go again!

Rainy nights outside, family fun inside!

Lubbock had rain for almost 2 straight weeks.  It was incredible!  I loved every second and I was actually sad to see the sun come out.  So while it rained outside, I had to make some family fun inside.  Friday nights are our family fun nights.  We usually go out to dinner and then do something fun with the boys.  Some Fridays it's as simple as eating at Chick Fil A and letting the boys play in their play area (their current favorite activity) and some nights we eat at a sit-down restaurant and then we go and do an activity around town.  Either way, everyone looks forward to the "Freakin' Weekend" because of Friday nights.  ...and because the boys get their Kindles on the weekends.

With all the rain I had to plan some indoor family fun, so we didn't have to go out in the rain and we could just enjoy the weather in our nice and warm home.  The first night we had family game night.  We all love board games.  Heck, both the older boys would choose board games over their electronic games- and that's saying a lot for them!

The boys had been "eyeing" a game called Disney's Eye Found It (pun intended- I slay me!), so we picked it up because we knew we would be spending the weekend indoors.  I'm so glad we did, it's probably one of my favorite kids games right now.  It's a lot of fun for kids and adults.

Harrison didn't make it to the party Friday night, but he made it to the party on Saturday night!
Look at this party animal-

Once we got Harrison calmed down from his wild party ways, the rest of us put together some Halloween puzzles.  I found these puzzles at the store and thought they'd be a perfect difficulty for the boys since they're 48 pieces.  Yeah, I totally underestimated my children, they finished the puzzle in about 5 minutes.  Oops.

Puzzle number 1:
Putting it together.  I was shocked at how well Austin put it together.

The finished product-

Silly faces- I have no idea what was going on here...

Puzzle 2:
Putting it together

Finished puzzles and the proud builders

I took a picture of the boys putting the puzzles away only because they were night and day of each other.  Jackson, my normally very meticulous child, quickly and haphazardly put the puzzles pieces away (and lost 13 pieces that Austin and I later found under the couch); while Austin, my normally sporadic and least cautious child, carefully put each puzzle piece away gently and precisely into the box.

It was a really fun weekend and the boys enjoyed themselves even though we were stuck indoors.  AND I just found a couple 100 piece Halloween puzzles for the boys to try next.  I bet it takes more than 5 minutes this time!
They'll take at least 6 minutes!

Harrison is 2 months!

Harrison is such a good, sweet baby!  UNTIL I take out the camera for monthly pictures.  He's only 2 months so we've only tried this twice, but both times, my usually perfect, smiley baby turns into Mr. Cranky Pants who wants nothing to do with pictures or cameras or mommy, for that matter.

Here's his 1 month photos:

This was the first picture I took- this might not be too bad!

Here's how ALL the rest of the pictures turned out-

I actually loved how the crying picture came out.  It's how he was feeling.  Frustrated with mommy and her silly camera.

And then it was time for 2 month pictures.  I was excited!  He had a little football outfit, perfect for the season, and I was going to stage a little photo session with Jim's Patriot's helmet.  It was going to be ADORABLE!  But once again, Harrison wasn't having it...

2 months:

These are the first two pictures I took.
This just might work...

And then the screaming commenced...

Ok, this one ^^^ is just adorable!

I needed a new plan.
Just holding him wasn't working.  He would not be soothed.
So I thought, what makes my babies calm down 99% of the time?
And guess what?  It worked!
Instant happy baby.

So I took pictures with him swaddled.
I didn't get the cute seasonal baby football pictures that I wanted, but at least he was happy!
I even got a smile or two-

Baby (upside down) caterpillar

Harrison Blake Nuffer, 2 months.

A little about Harrison at 2 months:
Harrison loves to smoosh his face into blankets, arms, shoulders, boobs, you name it!  He can't fall asleep without smooshing his face into something.  I love this because ALL of his ultrasound pictures were distorted or blurred because he was smooshing his face into the placenta.  Literally smooshing that sweet face.  I think it's really cool that he does it outside the womb too.
Harrison LOVES showers!  Baths were a love/hate thing for him, but showers are always a win.  Even if he's tired and hungry and screaming like a tiny crazy man, if Jim gets him in the shower he is instantly calmed.
Harrison loves to sit up and stand up.  He's not much for lounging around.  I tried to tell him that he's only 2 months old and lounging is kind of a 2 month old thing, but he won't listen.
Harrison really enjoys his activity mat.  Neither of my older boys liked their activity mats, but Harrison will hang out and "play" for 30 minutes +.  I even took a shower while he played on his mat the other day.
Harrison HATES tummy time.  Still.  Just like his older brothers hated tummy time.
Harrison is truly a joy.  Sometimes I just smell his sweet baby smell and hold him tight (which he loves), praying that I will remember his baby smell and the feel of his tiny warm body in my arms.  I know, all too well, that this time doesn't last, and soon he will be a big boy just like his older brothers, so I'm trying to take in all I can of my little caboose while I can.

Mornings with Harrison

Harrison has been such a good baby!  He's a great sleeper AND he's been so good during our busy early mornings.  Most mornings Harrison is up and awake while I get the older boys ready for school/the day.  He just hangs out in his car seat (so he's ready to go when we're ready to go) while I'm rushing around trying to get everyone fed, dressed, groomed, and out the door by 7:20 every morning.

But there's some mornings that there is no waking this boy up.  Mind you, he sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG already.  He goes to bed in the 8 o'clock hour every night and doesn't get up until I wake him up at 6am (95% of the time).  It's amazing!!  For all those that might read this and hate me and my sleeping baby a little, please know that my first two boys were TERRIBLE sleepers until they were about 8 or 9 months old, so I know sleepless nights, trust me.  Anyway, there are some mornings that he just won't wake for no matter what I do.  These mornings make me laugh!  I call him my Mr. Lazy Bones because the boy loves to sleep!

Here we are, 6am and it's time to wake up!
Harrison doesn't like this idea much...

Surely, a diaper change will wake him up.

Maybe not...?

Ok, if that didn't work then feeding him definitely will!

So the bottle is almost gone now, and he's still snoozing.
This baby has an impressive skill of sleeping while drinking an entire bottle!

Ok, ok, if changing his diaper and feeding him didn't work, then burping him will definitely do the job!

Apparently not.

Well, I might as well let the boy sleep.

He slept through getting in his car seat, the drive to take Jackson to school, and getting back home.
But just as I put his car seat down in the house, look what I see...
2 big blue eyes looking at me and a sweet little smile!