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Harrison's blessing

Harrison is 6 weeks old and it's time for his blessing at church.  I waited the longest with Harrison, probably because he's my baby.  Jackson's and Austin's blessings were both at 4 weeks, but I wasn't ready at 4 weeks with Harrison.  Plus, I was in the throws of a really difficult semester in school, so I was really stressed out 2 weeks ago.  Waiting until Harrison was 6 weeks just worked best this time around.

For whatever reason, I have never taken pictures of just the baby being blessed in their blessing outfits before Harrison.  Jackson wore a little white sweater that was Jim's as a baby.  Austin wore a little white sleeper set type outfit.  Harrison wore a little retro romper that I found for my mom to make.  I LOVE IT!  My mom also made a beautiful white blanket for Jackson's blessing which I strung a blue ribbon through with the intentions of changing the ribbon out for each child after Jackson.  Austin had a brown ribbon and Harrison has a green …

Jackson's 6th birthday party!

I've said this before, but I've decided that we're only going to have big birthdays with lots of friends and planning on big years- so Jackson's next "big year" is when he turns 8 and can be baptized into our church.  Since Jackson is 6 this year, it's a small family party.  He gets to invite one friend, and he invited Maggie, of course, but otherwise it was just family.  His party theme was rainbows because he found these cute little rainbow ball party headbands that he wanted, so I just came up with a rainbow theme.  He loved it.  All morning he kept telling me, "Thank you for giving me a rainbow party, Mama.  I love it!".  It was very sweet.

There's a new tradition at our house that the boys get to decorate their cake.  They look forward to decorating their cake and it's usually the first thing they start to mention when it gets to be close to their birthday.  So here's Jackson decorating his rainbow cake. This cake was stupid goo…

Harrison Blake

Harrison is 6 weeks old now and I still haven't posted about his birth and delivery.  This summer has been ridiculous and poor Harrison's birth blog has been put on the back burner while I was in survival mode.  Harrison has been a dream baby- sleeping great, calm, hardly crying, content through his brothers' crazy, and patient with all of us.  Anyway, here's his story-

He was born at 38 weeks just like his brothers.  His induction fell on July 3rd.  We really wanted him to come on 7-2-14 or 7-7-14 because the numbers were fun, but July 3rd was his day.  This time they had me come in at Midnight on the 3rd to start Pitocin, mostly because the hospital was full and they were afraid with the holiday there would be no room if I waited until morning.  I had small contractions all night, but I was able to sleep through them.  I didn't sleep through the nurses constantly bothering me though...  At 7am my doctor broke my water and upped the Pitocin and the real fun start…