Sunday, August 17, 2014

Harrison's blessing

Harrison is 6 weeks old and it's time for his blessing at church.  I waited the longest with Harrison, probably because he's my baby.  Jackson's and Austin's blessings were both at 4 weeks, but I wasn't ready at 4 weeks with Harrison.  Plus, I was in the throws of a really difficult semester in school, so I was really stressed out 2 weeks ago.  Waiting until Harrison was 6 weeks just worked best this time around.

For whatever reason, I have never taken pictures of just the baby being blessed in their blessing outfits before Harrison.  Jackson wore a little white sweater that was Jim's as a baby.  Austin wore a little white sleeper set type outfit.  Harrison wore a little retro romper that I found for my mom to make.  I LOVE IT!  My mom also made a beautiful white blanket for Jackson's blessing which I strung a blue ribbon through with the intentions of changing the ribbon out for each child after Jackson.  Austin had a brown ribbon and Harrison has a green ribbon.  Again, I didn't take pictures with the blanket, even though our little family tradition is wrapped around this sweet little blanket.  So here are pictures of Harrison's blessing outfit and blanket.  I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of the older boys!

My little doll

He was about to start crying.
Love this little pouty face!

The blessing was beautiful.  Jim did a great job!  Harrison has a lifetime of love and kindness to spread.

Jim and me with our last baby

The first picture of our family of 5-

All three of our sweet boys-

Maggie always, always asks to hold Harrison.  Here she is with the boys.

And the Brown's with Harrison-

Sarah captured this picture of Harrison and me.
I love it so much!
Thank you, Sarah!

Oh, how I love this sweet baby boy.
He is perfection.
We are all so grateful he has blessed our family with his precious spirit.

Jackson's 6th birthday party!

I've said this before, but I've decided that we're only going to have big birthdays with lots of friends and planning on big years- so Jackson's next "big year" is when he turns 8 and can be baptized into our church.  Since Jackson is 6 this year, it's a small family party.  He gets to invite one friend, and he invited Maggie, of course, but otherwise it was just family.  His party theme was rainbows because he found these cute little rainbow ball party headbands that he wanted, so I just came up with a rainbow theme.  He loved it.  All morning he kept telling me, "Thank you for giving me a rainbow party, Mama.  I love it!".  It was very sweet.

There's a new tradition at our house that the boys get to decorate their cake.  They look forward to decorating their cake and it's usually the first thing they start to mention when it gets to be close to their birthday.  So here's Jackson decorating his rainbow cake.
This cake was stupid good, by the way.



Look how happy this birthday boy is!

*to say he decorated every inch is an understatement*

We did a little decorating, of course-

This Happy Birthday sign taped to the bar/counter has been at every one of Jackson's birthdays.  My mom and I made it for his first birthday and it's been at every birthday party for our boys ever since.  And it will see many more!

Soon Maggie came by and we played a little game.
Jackson WON!

I thought it might be fun to make a little photo booth for the kids.  ...and I planned to get in on this action too, but I never got around to it.  Sad.  The kids had fun with it.  Heck, it's still up, I might take some pictures with the boys in the next day or two.  ;)

Here's the little backdrop that I made-

The boys being silly-

Maggie joining the fun-

Look at this little ham-

Jim barbecued hot dogs because that's Jackson's favorite, and then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and blow out his candles.

This year was the first year Jackson was really excited about presents, so this was probably Jackson's favorite part.  He got lots of cool stuff:  his own Kindle, REAL Legos (we've only had Duplos before now), a hovering helicopter, a book all about Michael Jackson (one of Jackson's favorite people), and lots of Kindle cards to download fun stuff.

YES!  He was excited!

Michael Jackson!

Cloud Cuckoo Land Legos!

Here's a picture of Jackson opening gifts in the background, but Sarah caught a sweet picture of my grandpa holding Harrison.

All in all, I think Jackson had another successful birthday party.  I can't believe my baby is 6 years old!  Where does the time go!?  Having Harrison around (Jackson's mini-me) really reminds me of Jackson as a baby and I can't believe he's already a little boy, growing up way too fast!

Happy birthday, Jackson!
We love you, Jack Attack!

Harrison Blake

Harrison is 6 weeks old now and I still haven't posted about his birth and delivery.  This summer has been ridiculous and poor Harrison's birth blog has been put on the back burner while I was in survival mode.  Harrison has been a dream baby- sleeping great, calm, hardly crying, content through his brothers' crazy, and patient with all of us.  Anyway, here's his story-

He was born at 38 weeks just like his brothers.  His induction fell on July 3rd.  We really wanted him to come on 7-2-14 or 7-7-14 because the numbers were fun, but July 3rd was his day.  This time they had me come in at Midnight on the 3rd to start Pitocin, mostly because the hospital was full and they were afraid with the holiday there would be no room if I waited until morning.  I had small contractions all night, but I was able to sleep through them.  I didn't sleep through the nurses constantly bothering me though...  At 7am my doctor broke my water and upped the Pitocin and the real fun started.  This was not a simple, painless delivery like my others were, and it started with my water breaking- PAINFUL!  The real contractions started pretty quickly and my nurse put me down for an epidural.  She came in to check me and I requested the epidural and she mentioned that now was a good time because no one was on the list.  The woman was in my room 2 minutes tops and when she left to add my name to the list there were already FIVE women ahead of me.  WHAT!?!  I finally got the epidural almost 2 hours later and I was in pain.  I had been in pain for almost 90 minutes.  The epidural worked great and I was a happy camper for a couple hours until I started feeling pressure.  I called the nurse in because pressure meant it was time to push with my first two babies, but when the nurse came in I was only at an 8.  My worst fear in delivery was happening, my epidural was wearing off, but I didn't know it at first.  My nurse left to check on her other patient while my pressure quickly turned into pain.  I called for a nurse 3 more times, telling them the epidural was wearing off and I was in a lot of pain.  Even Jim went out to the nurses station  twice and demanded I be seen because I was in so much pain.  I knew the closer it got to delivery there would be no chance of more epidural meds, so I was freaking out!  Sure enough, it was time to push and my nurse finally got back to my room.  No one even told her I needed assistance and apparently there were several nurses in the break room.  My nurse was ANGRY to say the least.  I actually had the charge nurse as my nurse (I didn't know it at the time), so she gave me Demoral (sp?) which did nothing but make me stupid sleepy and she left my room.  She came back quickly apologizing profusely and letting me know she just yelled, literally yelled, at the nurses and staff for not tending to me or informing her that I was in pain.  She did what she could to ease my pain, but it was too late, Harrison was on his way.  I FELT EVERY THING!  Including the stitches afterward.  And to all my friends that say that every woman should have the natural, non-medicated birth experience (you know who you are), you can all bite me!  Feeling the pain did not change my love for my child or my experience as a mother, it was just hell.  Sorry for the language, but it's the truth.  Anyway, Harrison Blake was born at 2:03pm on July 3rd.  Perfectly healthy and looking just like his brothers.

Here's brand new Harrison, gooped up and all!

He was alert and calm after the first few seconds.  Complete perfection.
Harrison's birth experience was so much different.  I got to do the miracle hour and he never left our room- except when they took him to the nursery because he was spitting up mucus and not eating.  He had lots of mucus in his tummy with 6cc's of air.  They cleared his tummy and he was fine afterward.  They only let me hold Austin for a few minutes after birth, and I didn't get hold Jackson at all right afterward.  Then they took the old boys straight to the nursery for 2-3 hours to clean him up and check him.  With Harrison all of that medical, hospitally stuff happened right in my room where I could watch him the entire time.  My heart was so grateful to have him with me the whole time.

We were only the hospital a little over 24 hours this time around.  Another perk of his birth.  I spent 3 days in the hospital with my older boys, begging each day to go home, and finally, with my 3rd baby they let me go home when I asked.  But in that small 24 hours so many people came to visit us and meet Harrison- including one of my dearest friends, Marcella.  It was a total surprise!  Sadly, I didn't think to get pictures of her.  But I did get pictures of Harrison with his brothers while we were in the hospital-

Harrison went home on the 4th of July, so his outfit was appropriate (it was also one of the only outfits that fit him, he was very tiny compared to his brothers at 7lb 9oz, 19" long).  We actually had to go out and get him a few sleepers that were smaller and fit him better.

Harrison did so well at home, but he was small and losing weight while I was exclusively breastfeeding.  We were waking him every 2 hours to feed him, but his weight kept dropping until his 2 week appt when he was down to 6lbs 13oz (he had finally gained an ounce after dropping to 6lbs 12oz), but we were told we needed to start supplementing.  I was heart broken.  I was so excited to try breastfeeding again, but it just didn't work out for Harrison.  I cried and cried, I was literally devestated, but I was able to deal with it as I watched his weight quickly go up.  At 3 weeks my beautiful baby boy was 7lbs 14oz- he gained over a pound in a week!  So now we supplement and hes growing fabulously!  I bet he's over 10lbs now.

Harrison's brothers LOVE him!

There have been no jealousy issues.  I didn't expect issues from Jackson, but I was sure my little love bug, Austin, would have some jealous moments when he saw how much of my attention went to Harrison, but he's been great!  In fact, the only problem we have is that the older boys, especially Austin, are a little too aggressive with their love for Harrison.

Jackson always asks to hold Harrison and he's always trying to teach him new stuff.  He often calls his little brother, "precious little darling".  He picked it up from grandma, but it's ridiculously adorable!

Austin just wants to squeeze and love Harrison all day long.  He's constantly trying to hug and kiss his little brother, so we're constantly making sure he doesn't smoother his little brother in the process.  He's such a good big brother!

Jim has always been an amazing dad!  He just gets better with each baby!  
One night Harrison just kept playing with Jim's beard.  He can't really control his hands and arms yet, but that night he was enamored with daddy's beard and he had impressive control of his arm/hand.  
So sweet!

Daddy attacking Harrison with loves!  I love the look on Harrison's face.

And here's a few pictures of what it's really like to be the mom of a newborn.  Jackson snapped these little gems when Harrison was only a week or so old.  Don't be jealous that I am the mother of 3 boys and still glamorous. 

One more important relationship that I need to mention- Harrison's love/hate relationship with the bath.  Some nights he loves the bath and just enjoys the warm water.  Other nights he hates the bath with a passion and screams like we're torturing him the entire time.

And finally, Harrison sleeping with his hands in the air.  He does this all. the. time.
Here he is just a couple days ago.

I love this face!

Welcome to the world and to our family, Harrison Blake!