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Easter 2015

Easter was really nice this year.  The boys visited the Easter bunny, colored and hunted eggs, we ate a lot of food, and had some fun with family.  I couldn't ask for more!
First, the boys visited the Easter bunny at Jim's work.  His new company is very family oriented and they welcome family in for fun activities like the Easter bunny! The boys played a little Hokey Pokey

They had a Bunny Trail that you had to hop through.  It was super cute.

They had snacks and treats for all the littles. Daddy shared a cookie with Harrison.  It was his first cookie- that's pretty big!

And then it was time for the bunny! Sometimes the costumes are a bit shady (this includes Santa, too), so I always explain to the boys that we're just visiting one of the Easter Bunny's (or Santa's) helpers and not the real bunny/guy, and thank goodness I did because Jackson saw the bunny adjust his bunny head.  He saw a guy in the suit.  He told me in the car, "I'm very sure that was…