Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the season once again

I LOVE Christmas!! I know many people who love Thanksgiving and I like Thanksgiving (I like any holiday that brings my family together), but I adore Christmas! We have a lot going on in November for our family. It's my birthday one week, Thanksgiving the next week, and our anniversary ends the month the following week. Not to mention the numerous family birthdays in between. Last year we started decorating on my birthday mid month and this year we did the same. Some might say it's a little early, but I don't think so. I love it! I don't really care too much about my birthday's anymore, but this gives me something to look forward too again. November is such a busy month that I'd rather decorate sooner than later anyway, so we can enjoy the ambiance longer. The tree is up and so are all the adornments and lights... I love the lights.

Here is the Nuffer family Christmas 2010. This year we decorated Jackson's room with a little tree of his own (till next year when he'll have to share it with his little brother). We found his favorite Sesame Street characters to decorate his tree with and the first morning he woke up with the tree in his room, he wouldn't get out of bed until Jim turned on his Christmas tree. This year he's really into the sparkle and lights.

We made a couple new Seasonal pictures with the Cricut. The winter sign Jim made all by himself and I made the other picture. Love the Cricut!

And the rest is all like every year before. Tonight for FHE Jackson is going to make a few ornaments to add to the tree. I love Christmas!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My heart is full

I've felt very overwhelmed recently by all my many blessings. Daily I give thanks in my heart to Heavenly Father for blessing me with so much! It's not an odd occurrence to find tears in my eyes at 10:13am because I caught a glimpse of Jackson and he's just so beautiful that my heart is brimming over with love and gratitude for that simple moment of really seeing him. So I wanted to list a few things that I am blessed with countlessly on a daily basis.

First and foremost, Jim. I wish all women could have such a loving, patient, thoughtful, selfless man in their lives. Every morning Jim wakes up before me and gets up with Jackson so I can get a few more minutes of sleep. During those few moments in the early morning before Jackson is even out of bed he usually cleans any dishes left in the sink, or unloads the dishwasher, or makes Jackson's breakfast, or makes breakfast for me. He does whatever he can to make my day a little simpler than it would have been. He tells me he loves me several times a day, he compliments me often (even when I don't feel worthy of compliments), he rubs my achy pregnancy back almost every night, he constantly asks if I need or want anything if he's up or not. These are just a few of the small daily gestures of love he blesses me everyday. I truly believe he wakes up every morning wondering how he can make my life easier that day. I could go on and on and on about how wonderful he is, but I will never be able to really express how grateful I am for him. I only hope that he knows how lucky I am for him and that eventually I learn to be as selfless as he is. Jim Nuffer is my heart and he always will be.

Second, my beautiful baby boy of course! Jackson is so much joy. He drives me crazy and it only makes me love him more. He's the reason I want to be better. I can't imagine life without him and I'm so very grateful that he was sent to me and that I that have the privilege of being his mommy. I love every inch of that boy and I wouldn't change a thing about him, not even his stubborn streak. Someday he is going to be such a huge contribution to this world. I just hope I'm a good enough mother to help him become who he's supposed to be.

Third, baby boy Nuffer #2. We tried for a long time to conceive another child and there was a lot of heartbreak along the way. I couldn't be more excited for this child. I love every kick I feel and every ultrasound picture I get because I can't wait to meet him. He's been loved long before I ever knew he was coming.

Fourth, my mom. She's amazing! She'll do just about anything for me at the drop of a hat. She was a single mother while I was growing up and and taught me how to be independent and strong. She also embedded in me the importance of an education. I couldn't ask for a better grandmother for my children and I don't think anyone could love my children more (other than Jim and me, of course).

Fifth, my grandparents. My grandparents played a big role in my upbringing because my mom was a single mom. My grandmother practically raised me until I was a teenager while my mom worked and went to school. My grandfather has been the biggest male influence in my life and has showed me how I ought to be treated by a man. My grandparents, though divorced, are still very active in my life. I see my grandpa several times a year and my grandma calls several times a week. My grandmother taught me how to love unconditionally and my grandpa taught me kindness. They're still great examples of love and kindness, and I can't imagine who I would be without them.

Those are the big blessings that make my cup runneth over, but I have a few other, smaller, blessings that I'd like to mention:

  • Modern conveniences: dishwasher, stove, oven, washer and dryer, etc. Thank you!
  • Decorating for Christmas early!
  • No school for 3 weeks
  • The lack of Jackson's tantrums recently. Another big Thank You!
  • Cold weather and leaves changing color
  • My friends and extended family
  • Awareness of some of my shortcomings
  • The holidays and time with my family
  • Jim's days off!
  • Watching Jackson run and play in the leaves
  • Listening to Jackson sing along to music in the car. Hilarious!
  • Jim's goofy humor. He's such a nerd and I love it! ...however, I will never admit this to him.
  • A safe home that I LOVE and all the memories we have here.
  • Glitter and bows
I think I'll stop here, but it feels so good to recognize and write about the many blessings I have everyday. How lucky I am!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was a big year for my little lion. He actually understood... kinda, what was going on. He learned how to 'roar' and how to say, "Trick or Treat!". He attended several parties, carved a pumpkin with mommy and daddy, and handed out candy on Halloween night. This was a good year for Jackson.

First we started out by carving the 2010 jack-o-lantern. He was afraid of the pumpkin once it was carved, I find this very funny. He's a cowardly lion.

Then started our tour of Halloween parties in Lubbock. First, we played games and ate treats at the Library Halloween party, then we made our way to the Silly Carnival at the Science Spectrum, and finally we ended with Trunk or Treat. Jackson really like the Halloween games at the Library.

Next year will even be more fun when we have 2 little boys to dress for Halloween. On to Halloween 2011!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a BOY

This pregnancy has been so different from my last pregnancy, so I just KNEW this baby was a girl. I was 95% sure of it and I told everyone. Yesterday, at my 16 week appointment, we found out that my little girl is actually a BOY!! I was so shocked that I was wrong, but so grateful for a boy. I do not want any baby girls because I do not want any teenage girls. I know how I was as a teenager and I don't want Karma to give me what I deserve.

Baby boy Nuffer is measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule, but Jackson was a really long baby, so I'm not shocked this one is long as well. In a couple weeks we have a visit with the specialist and we'll get some really cool 3D photos. I'm so excited to see what this baby looks like. Will he and Jackson look alike? I hope so! Not just because Jackson is the cutest boy on the planet, but because my dream as a little girl was to have 2 children look just alike except one has light hair and the other has dark hair. Jackson's my little blondie, so fingers crossed this one will have darker hair. Either way, I'm just so excited to meet this little guy be he blonde, brunette, or bald!

Friday, October 8, 2010

FHE Tower of Babel

This was a pretty simple FHE. After prayer we watched the story of the Tower of Babel and Jackson wasn't that interested this time. Then I thought building a tall tower with blocks would teach Jackson about towers. He usually likes playing with his blocks, but not this time. He built a tower twice and both times knocked it down and ran away. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Noah's Ark FHE

I'm a little late in getting this up, but here it is! We learned about Noah's Arc this week. After prayer, we watched the scripture story of Noah's Arc on This is one of Jackson's favorite times. All week long he points to the computer and says, "shope" which means show. He calls the scripture stories his shows or "shopes". So cute!

Then I made a generic ark out of construction paper so that Jackson could decorate it with colored and different shaped pasta. We just used Elmer's glue. He had a blast!

And the final results:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Holy baby belly Batman!!

I was getting ready for church yesterday and I really noticed just how big the baby belly is already. I've noticed that this pregnancy is totally different from when I was pregnant with Jackson, but my goodness! I'm bigger EVERYWHERE this time and with Jackson is was pretty much just belly and even the belly didn't get terribly big. I haven't gained weight, in fact, I'm still in in the negative as far as weight gain. I'm about 4 pounds smaller than when I got pregnant, but try telling that to my body which continues to expand by the minute! This is the Buddha belly as of yesterday (13w 2d).

Now, I realize I wasn't a skinny-mini by any means before I got pregnant. I've never seen the small end of the scale and I realize I never will, but WOW! I remember when I was pregnant with Jackson that women would tell me that I would eventually grow out of my maternity clothes. This never happened, but it's already happening this time around. I thought it was an old wives tale that "every pregnancy is different", but it's so true!

Just for reference, this is me at almost 9 months with Jackson.

See much difference? NOPE!!! And I still have 6 months to go. I'm going to have to buy shower curtains and king size sheets and just wrap myself in them because soon even my maternity clothes won't fit. Lovely.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

FHE is back!!

The first trimester of pregnancy is always tough for me with the nausea and the exhaustion, but I'm beginning to slowly recover and that means FHE is back!

This week we learned about Enoch and Zion. We watched the scripture story on the computer and then we finger painted!!! I bought a $1 4-pack of vanilla pudding snacks and used icing dye to color the pudding for finger painting. It's cheap and easy, and totally safe if your toddler eats it. We actually tried to get Jackson to eat it, but he wouldn't. Good boy!

I wasn't sure if it would stain his hands or his clothes so we stripped him down before we got started creating art. FYI, it doesn't stain.

And here's his finished project. Jackson created his own Zion.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If you decorate, it will come.

A friend of mine uses the motto, "if you decorate, it will come". So I decorated for fall because I want the fall weather to get here already. I'm a pregnant lady who doesn't like the heat when I'm not pregnant, so I'm especially not fond of it right now. It's supposed to be in the low 80's here, but instead it's in the high flippin' 90's!

A friend of mine has a fabulous blog,, and it is my FAVORITE blog, so check it out. Nicole, is talented and creative and on a budget!! (my 3 favorite things) Anyway, she had some really cute ideas on her blog that I stole and it got me in the mood for decorating!

This picture is of our entry way, by our front door. My favorite part is the autumn picture which I made with my handy-dandy Cricut machine. My husband even helped, hehe. I've had the frame for at least 10 years and I just took out the old ugly picture of the flower that was in it and created my own fall masterpiece.

Next is our entertainment center in the living room. Notice again my crafty Cricut design. I found this old frame in the shed out back and Jim helped me create this little guy. Now, the hurricane candle holder next too it is my friend Nicole's magical Dollar Tree find! All the supplies were found at the Dollar Tree, totaling a whopping $3!! Thank you Nicole!!! I even found some gold bases and different sized hurricane holders to make a fantastic Christmas centerpiece costing me a whole $6. Nicole you're a genius!

My last stitch effort to invite cooler weather by decorating was also an idea I got from Nicole, in a round-about way. She loves to go garage saleing and shop at the dollar store, so I made this whole swag out of Dollar Tree finds. The whole thing cost me $7 and change. Unbelievable!

So that's my measly attempt at bringing cooler weather to our house. We also visited the annual Apple Butter Festival with Jackson. Mostly, he was excited by the millions and billions of rocks on the ground. Our whole visit was about the, "ocks!" that were everywhere. Of course, apples are one of his 3 favorite foods right now, accompanied by bananas and hot dogs. Mmmm hmmm!!! So he would occasionally scream, "bapple!!", in the midst of all the "ocks!".

Among all the cool rocks and the apples galore, there was also a petting zoo. Jackson LOVES animals in books and on TV, but put him anywhere near the real thing and he flips out!! This is Jackson checking out a goat from as far away as he could get.

Notice that the tiny baby next to him is eagerly feeding the tiny pig through the fence and big boy Jackson is only watching from afar.

We finally found the perfect "bapple" for Jackson as we paused for a photo opp with mom.

This last picture is my favorite. He had a really good time and I can not put into words the excitement he had for all the rocks that where everywhere, but this is the best face/smile I could get out of him. That's my boy!!

There better be some cooler temperatures by the time the pumpkin festival gets here, that's all I have to say!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

BABY NUFFER #2 is on his/her way!!!!

That's right, we were waiting to tell everyone, but today we had our second appointment and the second sono and Baby Nuffer #2 is doing well. Most of you know that we had a miscarriage in June after struggling with infertility, it was a very devastating time for us. We were "advised" to wait a couple cycles before trying again (and we were going to take the advice), but a little voice, I know now it was the Spirit, told me we should try again as soon as possible. I talked to Jim and he agreed and sure enough baby #2 is on it's way again! This little one is very healthy and has a strong heartbeat!! We aren't out of the woods yet, I'm just under 9 weeks and at 12 weeks our chances of miscarriage drop significantly. I don't feel we'll be out of the woods until I have our little baby in my arms, which will only give me a whole new set of stresses to worry about. ;)

This is Baby Nuffer #2 at 6 weeks and 5 days. If you look close it's off to the right and you can make out the giant head on top with tiny arm and leg buds.

Here is Baby Nuffer #2, or as I call it, "Baby Bug", at 8 weeks and 5 days today. In most of them you can't see much other than Baby Bug's giant head (which hold it's giant brain), but the bright spot in the body is the heartbeat. In the last picture, at the bottom, you can see little crossed legs with feet. SO CUTE!!

Anyway, we are SO excited to finally be able to tell people!!

To all of our church friends: We haven't been inactive, I've been on bed rest. We weren't ready to tell people except the RS president and the bishop, but now you can all know. I'm off bed rest now and I will see you all on Sunday!

PS I was originally due April Fool's day which made me think it's a girl because I want another boy so badly, but now I'm due April 3rd. ...I still think it's a girl though. ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

My little man turned 2!!

So no one ever told me that the second year of life goes by much faster than the first. It seemed like we just had Jackson's first birthday party a couple months ago, but nope, it's been a year. August brings the HOTTEST weather of the year and my little man's birthday.

Jim and I decided that this year we weren't going to have a big party like last year, just a small little get together with family, but little by little the party got bigger and bigger. I'm glad we threw him a big boy birthday party and think everyone had a good time.

Jackson really likes Toy Story, especially Buzz, so we decided to throw a Toy Story party. It worked out great because stores are busting at the seams with Toy Story mania!!

So, I realize it looks like Toy Story threw up in our house, but Jackson loved it!!

His cake... not too bad.

And we had Toy Story 2 playing in another room for everyone who didn't want to go outside and play in the water... or as I like to call them, party poopers.

Parenting books call my child "spirited", I call him crazy, but I find that if he gets to go outside and rummage through dirt and grass, play, and wonder around he has much fewer "crazy" moments throughout the day. We bought him a little pool and water table to play in outside when the weather is hot and he really likes to play in water, so we made his birthday a water birthday. Maggie came over to help Jackson celebrate his big day and they had so much fun togehter.

Then daddy started to spray them with the water, the both loved to get sprayed with the water, especially Maggie.

Jackson kept trying to get daddy's attention so that daddy would spray him again and again and again and again...

Anyway, it was a REALLY fun day and I know Jackson had a blast! Thank you everyone who came out to help us celebrate Jackson's 2nd birthday. And if you ask Jackson if he had a good day, he'll say, "YES!!!!!!"

I ALMOST FORGOT!!!! Sarah reminded me of how sweet Jackson was while he was opening up his presents. Every time he would rip a present open he would say, "thank you" over and over again. So sounded like this, RIP, "thank you!", RIP, "thank you", RIP, "thank you"!! It was so cute, I didn't even prompt him to say thank you until after he opened everything and then I told him to say thank you to everyone and he did loud and clear!