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My Grandma, Audrey Shordon

A few weeks ago a woman I love with every ounce of my being left this world.  My grandma, Audrey Ruth Shordon, passed away in late March.  This is a picture of my grandma as a young girl. Please forgive the quality of most of these pictures as they are photos of photos.

My grandma lived a hard life, of her choosing, but a hard life nonetheless.  MANY things can be said of her, a lot of it not so flattering, but that part of her life happened before I was born.  Let me tell you about the woman I know.  My grandma was exceptional.  She was my greatest blessing as a young girl.  I lived with my grandma and my mom growing up, but my mom was often in school and working to support us, so to be honest, my grandma raised me for the most part until I was 13.  Looking back, this situation was for the absolute best because that woman was endowed with a special capacity to love me more than I even understand today.  I think today we call children like I was "spirited".  Basically, I wa…