Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Harrison is FOUR months!

My little caboose turned 4 months this month!  I haven't taken the "official" 4 month pictures, but I he has lots of new happenings, so I couldn't wait to write about what Harrison is like at 4 months.

He recently got a new toy that he loves.  This is the first "thing" that he has shown an attachment to.  I've mentioned that he LOVES the Daniel Tiger show, so I found a little DT plush at Target, so I picked it up for my littlest tiny.  I had just run into Target to grab some formula, so Jim and the boys stayed in the car, and when I came out Harrison was screaming (which he usually does if he's tired and the car isn't moving), but when I showed him the DT toy he immediately stopped crying and reached for it.  SO so so cute!  Here he is the day he found his new friend.

There's a sweet little smile under there if you can't tell.  ;)
Here he is again with DT on the floor.
He seriously LOVES this little guy!

Harrison gets to start eating "solid" food now!  He's not really happy about it though...
He usually yells at me and gives me dirty looks when I try to feed him.
He's only tried oatmeal and squash so far, that is until...
The teething cookie entered his life.
It's the only food he enjoys eating/gumming/sucking right now.

This ^^ picture reminds me of when Jackson tried his first teething cookie so many moons ago...

Speaking of brothers, I am soooo grateful Harrison has warmed up to his brother, Austin, because Austin ADORES Harrison.  Here's Harrison giving Austin some loves by sitting on his head.
Brothers.  Whattayagonnado?

Unfortunately, 4 months has seen another first for my sweet baby boy- his first earache.  :(
He caught a second cold in his short 4 months last Saturday and yesterday we found out it came with an earache.  So Harrison is spending most of his days sleeping right now.  Hopefully all this sleep is fighting those nasty germs!

Happy FOUR months, sweet Harrison!

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