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Jackson's pirate performance- Aaargh!

Jackson's kindergarten performance was last weekend.  His school mascot is a Pirate, so they put on a pirate show.  It. was. adorable!  The best part?  Jackson sang the pirate songs at home non-stop, day in and day out, it was this pirate song and that pirate song, but the day of his big debut he was just about silent.  He would throw in a dance move here and there, but didn't really sing at all.  He cracks me up!  Jim recorded the whole thing, but we got a few pictures to remember his big pirate day performance.

This picture was kind of cool- he's running to his place on stage.  I don't think he was supposed to run, but he made the character his own.

Here he is in his big pirate debut.  no singing.  no dancing. But he sure practiced his little heart out at home.

Can't forget a fun pirate family portrait- (somehow I missed the memo that we were supposed to make pirate faces, I'm off in my own world here)

Look at this pirate face, isn't he a scary one??

And …

Can I finally join the club??

I have issues with making anything with yeast.  It scares me.  I tried making rolls or bread in home-ec as a kid and it was a FLOP!  Since, I stay far away from baking goods with yeast, so of course, that includes homemade bread.  I LOVE homemade bread, but I've never made it.  I realize I'm not a real Mormon wife and mother because of this huge flaw, but I've managed to make it as a so-so wife and mom with this awful glitch in my character.  Then I came across an "easy" recipe for honey wheat bread (thanks for posting it on fb Liz Nuffer) and decided to conquer my fear of yeast.

First things first, I had to buy yeast- there are 394 different kinds of yeast.  No one warned me how many different kinds there were!  My fear began to overcome me, but I gathered all my strength and picked the most interestingly plain kind I could find.  Hopefully it would do the trick!

I followed the recipe, but it said to wait until the yeast "frothed".  What the heck!?!?  …

We finally saw the penguins

We made a deal with Jackson that if he made it through a whole week staying on green (his school behavior chart) then we would take him to the Science Spectrum and we'd take him to see the penguins.  SEVERAL weeks later he finally had a whole week of green!  He's a chatter like his mama, so he's often on yellow for talking at the wrong time- like mother like son.

Just FYI:  The penguins were fun and I'm glad we supported the SS because we LOVE the SS, but the exhibit isn't worth price honestly.

Funniest part about the penguins:  Austin thought he was literally going to be surrounded by penguins so he freaked out and cried and cried before I made him enter the exhibit to show him the penguins were behind a giant window.  He was still so frightened that a penguin might come walking out at any moment that he refused to take a picture in this little penguin board, so daddy jumped in-

We finally got him to stand with the picture of the penguins, but it took a lot of per…

Daddy takes a day off to surprise the boys!

A while back, I came across a book, The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems.  I loved it!  The boys loved it!  Since, our entire family has become big Mo Willems fans.  Mo just came out with a new book, The Pigeon Needs a Bath, and it's fantastic just like all his other books!  Anyway, after reading it for the 100th time Jackson asked if Jim would go to his school to read the book to his class- what a awesome idea!  Jim was super excited to fulfill Jackson's wish, especially since he had planned to take a day off soon.

Well, the day arrived!  Daddy took a day off and didn't tell the boys.  After talking to Jackson's teacher, who was excited and eager to have Jim come read a book to the class, Jim surprised Jackson and his class with the new Mo Willems book.  They were thoroughly enthralled with The Pigeon Needs a Bath.  Jim's such a amazing dad!  
Reading to the class.

And Daddy came equipped with Dr. Suess pencils and some M&Ms for everyone!   Jackson helped …

Big Poppa turns 3!!!

It finally happened- my Little Tiny turned 3!  I'm not very shy about my dislike of 3 year olds in general, so I was a little sad for this day to come, but Austin is actually a pretty mellow 3 year old, thank goodness!  I think it's safe to say, he's my very favorite 3 year old at the moment.  ;)  I swore that I was just going to throw a simple party for the family, but Austin REALLY wanted a Mickey Mouse party and if my baby wants a Mickey Mouse party then he's going to get a Mickey Mouse party.  Besides we threw Jackson a Blues Clues party at 3 so it's only fair to give Austin a themed birthday too.  I did bring down our birthday budget this year AND we came in well under budget including gifts, so I'm pretty proud of the outcome and, most importantly, Austin LOVED LoVeD loved his Mickey Mouse party.  He still talks about it- and that makes it all worth it!  In fact, Jackson keeps telling me that he wants a Mickey Mouse party too.

When I throw a simple party …

Friday night drive-in

During Vomit Fest 2014 we were hauled up in our home, obviously.  Well, to make the weekend more fun, and since we couldn't go to the real drive-in, Jim had the genius idea to bring the drive-in to our house.  He came home with a couple boxes and prepared them for transformation.  Then we all decorated their cars.  THE BOYS LOVED THIS!!  They loved decorating and creating their own cars, they love sitting in their cars, the love watching movies in their cars, and they love pushing one another in their cars.  It's been almost a month since we made their cars and they're still in great condition AND the boys still love them!  Seriously, this was a genius idea.  GOOD JOB, DADDY!!

After Jim made the boxes into cars the decorating commenced!  Look at this cutie-pie!  He was so sick, but having a fun night at the Nuffer Family Drive-In totally cheered him up!

Jackson was very serious about pimping his ride.

Then they decided to make their cars very unique- Jackson turned his int…