Saturday, November 1, 2014

Random miscellaneous stuff

I've taken a few pictures recently that make me smile.

The first picture is of the boys with pumpkins as babies and now- makes my heart melt.
I love this picture!

The second is a picture of Austin and Harrison.  This is how I found the boys after I got out from a shower a few days ago.
Austin loves Harrison so much, but until the last week or so Harrison has been so afraid of him.  I think it's because Austin is a little loud and he likes to get right in Harrison's face and Harrison does not like Austin in his face.  But the last few days Harrison has become accustomed to Austin and often smiles and giggles when he sees him now.  This makes my mommy-heart happy because Austin was always so disappointed and sad when he made Harrison cry just by trying to love him.

This last picture makes me laugh!
Austin is such a snuggler and Jackson is NOT.
This is such a good portrayal of Jackson being a good big brother and tolerating Austin snuggling with him, and Austin as happy as can be to be snuggling with his big brother.
Austin wants to be like Jackson so much!
Bahahahahaha!  Jackson's face!

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  1. Haha!the last picture definitely cracks me up!