Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's time to play catch-up

I haven't updated the blog in awhile because life has been VERY busy. Lots of new things happening, but that's for another day, another blog.

A week or so ago we had a special breakfast, we had dessert for breakfast, strawberry shortcake. Austin LOVED it, but he's not a picky eater. Jackson, however, was not impressed with this special treat. It was like pulling teeth just to get him to try it, then he responded with, "it's delicious!", but wouldn't take another bite. I even made fresh whipped cream which he usually loves, but he wasn't interested. Anyway here are the boys with their special breakfasts.

I recently posted about the new chore chart that I made for Jackson and it is going SO well!! I thought he would flip out with the 15 minutes of game time, but he doesn't. He really likes moving the magnets around on the chart and cashing in chores for nickels every night. He even knows how to use the timer for his 15 minutes of game time. He's doing so well, in fact, that yesterday I walked into his room and saw that his bed was made, but not quite how we usually make it. I asked Jim if he helped Jackson make his bed and he said no, so I asked Jackson if he made his bed all by himself and he said, "yeah, I made the bed myself!". I couldn't believe it! No one asked him to make his bed and he didn't come tell us he did it, he just knew he needed to make his bed. We've been helping him every day, but apparently he can do it himself. Here's a picture of Jackson on his bed that he made all by himself!

Jackson is NOT cuddly at all. He's never been one for too many hugs and kisses which breaks my heart. Even when he was little, I can count on one hand the number of times he has fallen asleep in my arms and that all happened in his first 8 weeks of life. He's never fallen asleep anywhere but his bed and occasionally the car. I've always dreamed about rocking a baby to sleep and watching their sweet little face and it was very difficult when Jackson was a baby because I never really got this moment. Anyway, we don't have any cute sleeping pictures of him in weird places or funny positions because that's just not his thing. Austin, however, is the exact opposite of Jackson, he loves snuggles and kisses and hugs. This morning my visiting teachers were over and he just hugged and hugged one of them and he's only met her one other time. He is a little charmer. Anyway, this morning Austin fell asleep eating a breakfast burrito and Jim snapped this picture. Love it!

It's so funny to me how very different my boys are and that they've been so different from birth. It just amazes me! This mama loves her two very different little bugs!

So I LOVE LoVe love Valentines Day!! LOVE it!! It's probably my second favorite day after Christmas. I know everyone thinks it's a Hallmark holiday or a made up holiday, but WHO CARES!?!? Why would you not want to celebrate a day that celebrates love? You don't have to buy cards or candy or gifts, just send a little note, give an extra hug, pat your significant other on the butt an extra time; just take an extra moment to show or tell your loved ones that you still love them. Anyway, I decided to decorate a little this year because the boys really like it when we decorate, especially Jackson.

A few of the decorations Jackson has made during the last couple FHE's. He made the butterflies this week and he made the heart chandelier last week (with a little help from mama, of course). The Nuffer's are ready for Valentines Day!

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