Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015

This week in the NFSC we were supposed to learn about American and why we celebrate the 4th of July every year, but since it was Harrison's birthday, we didn't get to it, but we did celebrate the 4th- there just wasn't as much learning involved as I would have liked.

So, I have been mulling over (and a little worried) about this year's 4th because I know that Jackson and Austin would LOVE to see a big firework display, but I also know that there is noway Harrison would be able to stay awake until after the sun goes down.  That's an impossible feat for my littlest handsome right now.  I also didn't want our family to be separated so some of us could attend fireworks while others of us stayed home for Harrison to get some sleep.  Seriously, I had anxiety over this.  It's not fair for the bigger boys to miss out just because there's a baby in the family.  But like it always does, it turned out perfect this year.

First, the big boys went with daddy to pick out some fireworks to do at the house.  You know, some sparklers and snakes- the "big" stuff!  :)  Quick side story:  The quotes I just used reminds me of Jackson.  He has started using air quotes, but he doesn't really know when to use them, so all day I he says things like, "May I have a "snack", please" or "Are we staying up "late" tonight", and my personal favorite, "Is Austin really my "brother"?".  This kid cracks me up!  Ok, so back to the 4th-
The big boys picked up some fireworks with daddy.

Before running errands, I had bought the boys some light up bracelets and glasses.  So they were fully and appropriately accessorized for the day.

We had a family barbecue with grandma and great grandpa and I fought off a couple super Jedi warriors.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

And then it was time for some firework fun!
Everybody was ready-

Let the sparklers begin!

Austin held one sparkler and then spent the rest of the evening like this-

He's not the bravest soul these days.
Jackson had fun-

And even Harrison got in on the action!

Jackson even lit a few little fireworks for the first time.
I had a hard time with this.  I'm a big scaredy-cat when it comes to fireworks.  I just envision huge explosions and arms falling off, the whole 9.  Yeah, those sparklers can be killers!
But, hopefully Jim will help the boys not be such a scaredy-cat like their mama.
Jackson did awesome!  He was very careful and cautious, but much more brave than I am.

Jim and Jackson even had a wand/light saber fight, while Austin watched from inside the house.  Maybe next year will be Austin's year for bravery.

Remember all that worry and anxiety I had about the boys missing out on a big fireworks display?
It was no problem at all!  Our neighbors one street over had huge fireworks, just like the city had.  I did think it was a bit much for our neighborhood (you know, I am a fireworks scaredy-cat after all), but by boys got to see a big firework display right from our front yard (while Harrison slept upstairs)!
Actually, there were fireworks in every direction we looked.  It was awesome!
Best part?  The really loud ones stopped when we went inside.  Perfect timing!

But the best part of all?
We enjoyed the night together as a family.
This is what I had next to me as I watched the fireworks fly-

It was truly a perfect night.
Happy birthday, USA!

Time Flies: Harrison's 1st birthday!

I canNOT believe that my littlest little man is 1 already!  What!?  
Harrison is just perfect!  He is so happy.  And smart.  And full of energy.  He is the sweetest baby.  He has the most adorable dimples.  The fluffiest (almost) white hair.  And his cute little pudgy arms reaching for me and wrapping around my neck is the best feeling in the world!  I'm so so grateful he joined our family a year ago!
Harrison is the fastest crawler around!  He is standing by himself, but he doesn't like walking just yet.  He is such a little chatter!  He spends most of his days saying "what's this!?" about every little thing his little chubby fingers picks up.  He also says:  hi, bye-bye, brah-brah, mama, dada, what's that, who's that, diaper, all done, more, baba, juice, and yessssss.  I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.  He's such a smart baby!  He has 8 teeth (4 top and 4 bottom) and he climbs like a little monkey with absolutely NO FEAR!  He loves to jump out of my arms like a little chimp.  Good thing I have enough fear for both of us.  He's going to give me a heart attack.

His little life has just flown by, so having the theme "time flies" seemed to fit perfectly.
And it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!
My mom and I made all the decorations ourselves.  

And since our awesome family photographer moved away, my mom and I also took his first birthday pictures ourselves.
We did a pretty decent job for not having any photography skills.
My mom is awesome, by the way!

Here's his "Time Flies" themed picture.
This was just about a disaster- it was so windy the balloons kept hitting the grass and popping.
It was a bit frustrating, but we got a couple of cute shots-

We took a few in the grass, but he wasn't a big fan of the grass.  It was pretty pokey and not very soft at all, so I can't blame him too much.  However, grandma bought the boys these little pinwheels, and holding his little pinwheel made the grass not so bad.
At first, he was totally mesmerized by the pinwheel.  The wind helped make the pinwheel pretty magical.

Then, he had to try to figure out his magical pinwheel-

And then it was nothing but pinwheel joy!
Just look at that sweet little smile!

We tried to get some pictures with all 3 boys, but Harrison wasn't having it and I couldn't get the bigger boys attention for more than 2.7 seconds.
But I really love this picture because they're just hanging out, just being brothers.

We also took a few pictures at the park.
This is daddy's favorite photo because he makes this little face a lot.
Look at those big blues!  I just want to squeeze this baby!

Here's my favorite shot.
I love his wispy hair.
I love his big blue eyes.
I just love this perfect little man!

Ok, so back to the party...
There were presents to be opened!

He pretty much cried for the first 5 minutes of presents because he just wanted to play with the toys he already had.  But I had a trick up my sleeve...
I know my tiny little baby loves cars- anything with wheels, and I knew he had a big trunk in one of those presents so we opened that one first.

He spent the rest of his time playing with his red fire truck (that he's holding) while the rest of us opened his gifts.
Until he found some new instruments!
What's better than a rolling truck?
Loud, noisy instruments, of course!

And then there were puzzles.  Messy, messy puzzles.

This picture of for grandpa Tyler and grandma Viv.
He found CARS at the store, so he'll still be getting big boy clothes with the money you sent, but he spent a little on more cars.
Little boys can never have enough cars.

What rounds out a perfect 1st birthday?

My mom and I made the toppers.
I seriously LOVED how this cake turned out!
It was exactly how I pictured it.

And every birthday boy needs the perfect birthday seat to eat cake at for the first time-

Harrison had the best reaction to his birthday cake yet!
See this sweet little cupcake.  Totally innocent, right?

This little cupcake terrified the birthday boy.
It was hilarious!
Just look,..
We're singing to the birthday boy, he's seems very happy-

He looks quite interested in his birthday smash cupcake-

And then it happened.
The candle was blown out and that sweet little cupcake turned into the spawn of satan and Harrison wanted nothing to do with that evil confection!

Somebody needs to save this baby from the evil of his first cupcake!
...because I was too busy laughing.

Don't worry, he was rescued.  Eventually...
And after some mommy lovins he took a nice birthday nap.

Happy FIRST birthday, Harrison.
You are loved beyond measure!