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Jackson turns 3!! Blue's Clues Extravaganza!

My oldest baby boy turned 3 this week. I know parents say this all the time, but I can't believe how fast the time goes. Next year he'll be getting ready for pre-school, then kindergarten, and I'm still wrapping my head around him being in a big boy bed. Time flies when you don't want it too.
I planned on a Sesame Street party this year because he loved Sesame Street, but that was before he was introduced to Blue's Clues. Now it's Blue's Clues this and Blue's Clues that. So I switched the theme 2 weeks before his birthday, but Jim and I pulled it off. We made all the decorations ourselves and most of the party favors as well. So this birthday was exactly what Jackson wanted and it was a very frugal party too. Win, win!
Austin ate some breakfast before the festivities began. Unfortunately, he fell asleep just as the party started.

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson!

We made all the Blue's Clues decorations by hand with craft paper, markers, and glue. …

Blue's Clues cake

I just had to post the process of Jackson's Blue's Clues cake because it's the first cake that I've made that has turned out pretty good. I'm not a professional (obviously), but I'm so proud of this cake! Thank you Lindsay for all the great tips. I seriously couldn't have gotten it out of the pan without you!
PS Lindsay is a professional cake decorator, so check out her cakes at
Lindsay taught me how to make a cake without a huge dome and it turned out great!!

And I actually got it out of the pan in one whole piece! I've never been able to do this trick before. So proud!

Let the sculpting begin...

All finished cutting.

The crumb coat was green instead of blue. Oops.

Then the blue(ish) coat of icing. There was so much icing I was sick of cake and icing afterward.

And the finished Blue's Clues cake, TADA!!!
So the blues were a little off, but it's not too bad. -If I do say so myself. And it was delicious!! Mounds …