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Stud, I mean, Student to the Month, and Halloween preschool

Jackson was the first Student of the Month in his class this year!  What a total 180 from last year.  He's so much more mature and responsible.  What a difference a little time, a fantastic school, and an intuitive teacher makes!

He was so proud to show me his picture and his lanyard with 3 ribbons on it:  Student of the Month, Perfect Attendance, and A/B Honor Roll.  Here he is proudly standing underneath his award with his lanyard on-

Here's a close-up of his picture.

Such an improvement from last year! Way to go, Jackson!

Austin desperately wants to go to preschool so he can do "homework" like Jackson.  I'm pretty sure he's going to be one of those kids that goes to school with lots of excitement for a few days, then he'll scream and cry because I'm "making" him go to school every day following.  That's what I'm anticipating, anyway.

I came across this fun Halloween themed preschool pack on Pinterest that is 100% geared toward Aus…

Halloween 2014

Last year we found out that Harrison was on his way on November 2nd, but a couple weeks leading up to the big surprise I was EXHAUSTED.  We didn't do as much for Halloween as we normally do because I was so tired, and the rest of the holidays were a blur because I was so sick from the pregnancy.  I feel terrible because the boys didn't do all the fun activities that I normally plan and do with them (though I don't think they noticed much difference).  Anyway, I have worked hard to make sure the boys have had LOTS of fun this Halloween.

Last weekend, the weekend before Halloween, I had lots of fun activities planned around the city, but poor little Harrison got sick.  We had to take him to urgent care, so we didn't get out much.  However, I did plan some fun activities at home so the boys could still enjoy some festivities and Harrison could rest.
Activity number 1:  Halloween sugar cookies! Thanks to grandma Viv for sending the boys some new cookie cutters, we made so…


Recently, I have been contemplating getting a job and starting my career.  A little back story:  I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom (if I ever became a mom at all).  I planned to go to graduate school to become a literature professor or I would go to law school and practice family law.  I chose to teach because I didn't think I could handle divorce case after divorce case or seeing innocent children hanging in the balance.  Frankly, I never thought I would get married, and I didn't get married until I was 28 years old.  I planned on teaching during the school year (after I finished graduate school) and traveling to all the faraway places I longed to go, starting with Italy, in the summers.  I was excited about my plans!  Inevitably, I met Jim in March of 2007 and we were married in November of that same year.  And then, SURPRISE, Jackson was due exactly 9 months from the day we were married.  I have often said that everything happened exactly like it was supposed to…


Jackson. My first born.
He's a stud! He's intelligent. Empathetic. Helpful. Very independent. A perfectionist. Funny. Wide eyed. Curious. Did I mention what a stud he is??
Today is picture day.  I was going to just put him in a button-up and sweater, but he begged and begged for a bow tie.  I told him we should change it up a bit because the last two years he's worn a bow tie for school pictures.  To which he informed me that he LOVES bow ties because he's worn them his whole life.  Not quite true, but if the boy wants a bow tie because he's a bow tie boy, then I had to let him wear a bow tie again.  So I put the boy in a button-up and sweater WITH a bow tie, but he said, and I quote, "Mom, I don't want to wear this sweater because I look so much cuter without the sweater, and I HAVE TO look cute for picture day."  He's definitely his mama's child.

But the reason for this post is because of last Friday. He got his first report card with REAL …

The many faces of Harrison (Halloween edition)

It's October, which means it's time for Halloween!  Harrison's FIRST Halloween.  Sure, he doesn't care, but since he is DEFINITELY our last baby I can't help but to buy all the "first" outfits- so I bought him a "My First Halloween" outfit-

He was a little ham this day, so I took advantage...
just relaxin'

Gimme a hug!

Don't you just want to squeeze him!?
And then I had to get skeleton pajamas...

because his brothers had skeleton pajamas.

They are still enamored by their little brother.  Truly. I had to keep asking them to look at me because they want to do is stare at Harrison.  Still.

And one more, just because.

So, of course, I had to get him a pumpkin shirt because his brothers had one of those too. Harrison was LOVING the brother time!

Then I ran across this little "batty for daddy" number, and I just couldn't resist.

And I can't just get a "batty for daddy" shirt when I found a "batty for mommy&quo…