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Christmas 2013 with the Nuffers

I have to say that I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!  However, this year I was in survival mode.  I'm in the first trimester of my LAST pregnancy and I am exhausted- like I feel like I have taken really strong pain meds that make me want to knock out instantly all. day. long.  It's insane how tired I am this time around.  And, of course, there's the nausea and indigestion.  There's just nothing pretty, lovely or easy about the first trimester.  Anyway, I have really felt guilty that I haven't done as much with the boys this year like I normally do, but there's no reason to be guilty because it's all for a FANTASTIC cause (which the boys are super excited about) and they still had a really nice Christmas.  So I am going to focus on all the fun WE DID HAVE this year, instead of all the things I didn't get around to!  Here it goes-
First, we started a new tradition of wrapping 24 Christmas books so the boys could take turns opening one every night leading to Christmas.  …