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Fall wreaths, my favorite!

So, I LOVE LoVe love fall!!  I love everything about it.  Everything!  I really love to decorate for fall because it's the start of all kinds of fun decor.  Plus, fall colors are my favorite of all colors.  Anyway-  Last year I made a wreath that I forgot to post.  Jim said it needed a little owl to finish it off, so I might need to make this wreath a little felt owl friend.

Here's this year's wreath. As you can see, I have a bit of an addiction to burlap (since I just made a summer burlap wreath).  Love it! What can be better than a fall wreath AND burlap??

It's time for another party!

This time it's great grandpa Marlow's birthday AND grandma Marlow's birthday!
You gotta start out with a few decorations.

A little cake. By the way, this cake was delicious!  I found a chocolate cake recipe online that had over 4,000 reviews, ALL of them giving this recipe 5 out of 5 stars.  And I have to say, I concur.  It was delicious. And thank you for the delicious frosting recipe Lindsay!

Happy birthday, grandpa!

Right after I took this ^^ picture, his hat fell.  It was so sad, it was funny. He wore this sad hat for quite awhile after it fell.  Also, kinda funny.

Happy birthday, grandma! (Grandma's hat never fell, she must be a little more lucky)

And Austin LOVED the cake!  He was a chocolatey mess.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandpa and my mom!

Welcome Fall!

A new Blog design for a new season.

I love you fall and I'm so glad that you're just around the corner.

Please bring pumpkins and hayrides and beautiful leaves and cooler weather as soon as you possibly can.