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Halloween activities are winding down

It's the end of October and all of our Halloween activities are winding down. All we have left is trunk or treat at church tomorrow evening. Here are some of our final Halloween memories for 2011.
Jackson at Heritage Halloween. He was having so much fun, but a little too moody for smiles.

I love this picture because of his shadow. Love it!

Here are the pumpkins we carved and that Jackson decorated. Sorry about the red eye, I couldn't fix it for some reason.

And finally, the cookies we decorated.

You can't even tell the difference between the cookies Jim and I decorated and the cookies Jackson decorated. So either he's an amazing cookie decorator or we are really really bad at it. ...I choose to believe that he is a decorating genius!

Austin at 7 months

At 7 months Austin is 31 inches long (off the charts in height) and 21 lbs (88th percentile). He is such a good baby, so calm and sweet. He LOVES to snuggle and he loves to give kisses. He's eating some table food (even some of Jackson's hamburger). He's getting ready to crawl as well. He's growing so fast! His first year is flying by!

Why did the chicken cross the road...

To go trick-or-treating!!
That was the boys' theme this year for their costumes. We found Jackson's costume online at Old Navy for only $11 and change. And I made Austin's costume. Super cheap and really cute!
Here is my little chicken (Jackson) and road (Austin) together. Hopefully I'll get better pictures of them together as we go on more Halloween adventures.

FHE: Prayer and Halloween crafts

For FHE this week we learned about prayer, and the structure of prayer. I asked Jackson what he wanted to thank Heavenly Father for and he answered with, "watermelon and waterfalls". Then I asked him what he wanted to ask Heavenly Father for and to keep with the water theme he said, "a water fountain". I had no idea he knew what a water fountain was or that he was so thirsty. He's so funny! After we closed the lesson with a prayer we started on some Halloween crafts. He LOVES craft time! It's October so, of course, we had to make some Halloween decorations. Here are his creations:
After the crafts were done, he got to decide which one to give to Grandma, then Mommy and Daddy, and which one to hang in his and Austin's room. Mommy and Daddy were given the very scary spider web and he decided where it needed to be hung. He was so proud! He chose to hang it with the big spider web in the living room.
I love that he has opinions now and that he can…

Austin's 6 months!

Austin's little life is flying by! I can't believe he's already 6 months (almost 7).

My little pumpkins

Here's some more festive pictures of the boys in matching jammies! My mom made them the super cute pumpkin hats. I love my little pumpkins!

I added this picture because it makes me laugh. It's like they're in a little conversation.

It's October!!!

I LOVE October because it's fall all month long and because it's Halloween! I've always loved Halloween and the boys make it even more fun!! I love all the Halloween activities and dressing the boys up. I already have the boys' costumes ready and I'll be posting pictures soon!
Here's a couple festive pictures of their matching jammies to start the season rolling!

And one silly picture of big papa falling over while big brother laughs at him.