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Valentines 2012

I LOVE Love Day! I just adore Valentines Day and I always have! I like the flowers and candy and cards, but I love Valentines Day because it's a day to remind those we love just how grateful we are for them. I view Valentines more as a day to be kind and thoughtful of someone else, not so much as another day to buy cards and gifts. My cousin (in-law) shared this phenomenal blog about a woman who is battling breast cancer while she tries to raise her family. The blogger made Valentines Day Mindy Day and she asked that everyone do a random act of kindness on Valentines in honor of Mindy. The responses brought me to tears! What amazing ways to celebrate a woman's life by making someone else's life a little easier. That is why I love Valentines Day! My random act of kindness in honor of Mindy was to hand out little candies to all the night students and faculty in my building on Valentines night. So I interrupted every class to hand out candy and wish everyone a Happy…

A little Valentine love...

I made these cute bookmark valentines for the ladies I visit teach. They are super easy to make and fast too! You can find the instructions here if you'd like to make them. I hope they like them!