Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mornings with Harrison

Harrison has been such a good baby!  He's a great sleeper AND he's been so good during our busy early mornings.  Most mornings Harrison is up and awake while I get the older boys ready for school/the day.  He just hangs out in his car seat (so he's ready to go when we're ready to go) while I'm rushing around trying to get everyone fed, dressed, groomed, and out the door by 7:20 every morning.

But there's some mornings that there is no waking this boy up.  Mind you, he sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG already.  He goes to bed in the 8 o'clock hour every night and doesn't get up until I wake him up at 6am (95% of the time).  It's amazing!!  For all those that might read this and hate me and my sleeping baby a little, please know that my first two boys were TERRIBLE sleepers until they were about 8 or 9 months old, so I know sleepless nights, trust me.  Anyway, there are some mornings that he just won't wake for no matter what I do.  These mornings make me laugh!  I call him my Mr. Lazy Bones because the boy loves to sleep!

Here we are, 6am and it's time to wake up!
Harrison doesn't like this idea much...

Surely, a diaper change will wake him up.

Maybe not...?

Ok, if that didn't work then feeding him definitely will!

So the bottle is almost gone now, and he's still snoozing.
This baby has an impressive skill of sleeping while drinking an entire bottle!

Ok, ok, if changing his diaper and feeding him didn't work, then burping him will definitely do the job!

Apparently not.

Well, I might as well let the boy sleep.

He slept through getting in his car seat, the drive to take Jackson to school, and getting back home.
But just as I put his car seat down in the house, look what I see...
2 big blue eyes looking at me and a sweet little smile!


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