Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rainy nights outside, family fun inside!

Lubbock had rain for almost 2 straight weeks.  It was incredible!  I loved every second and I was actually sad to see the sun come out.  So while it rained outside, I had to make some family fun inside.  Friday nights are our family fun nights.  We usually go out to dinner and then do something fun with the boys.  Some Fridays it's as simple as eating at Chick Fil A and letting the boys play in their play area (their current favorite activity) and some nights we eat at a sit-down restaurant and then we go and do an activity around town.  Either way, everyone looks forward to the "Freakin' Weekend" because of Friday nights.  ...and because the boys get their Kindles on the weekends.

With all the rain I had to plan some indoor family fun, so we didn't have to go out in the rain and we could just enjoy the weather in our nice and warm home.  The first night we had family game night.  We all love board games.  Heck, both the older boys would choose board games over their electronic games- and that's saying a lot for them!

The boys had been "eyeing" a game called Disney's Eye Found It (pun intended- I slay me!), so we picked it up because we knew we would be spending the weekend indoors.  I'm so glad we did, it's probably one of my favorite kids games right now.  It's a lot of fun for kids and adults.

Harrison didn't make it to the party Friday night, but he made it to the party on Saturday night!
Look at this party animal-

Once we got Harrison calmed down from his wild party ways, the rest of us put together some Halloween puzzles.  I found these puzzles at the store and thought they'd be a perfect difficulty for the boys since they're 48 pieces.  Yeah, I totally underestimated my children, they finished the puzzle in about 5 minutes.  Oops.

Puzzle number 1:
Putting it together.  I was shocked at how well Austin put it together.

The finished product-

Silly faces- I have no idea what was going on here...

Puzzle 2:
Putting it together

Finished puzzles and the proud builders

I took a picture of the boys putting the puzzles away only because they were night and day of each other.  Jackson, my normally very meticulous child, quickly and haphazardly put the puzzles pieces away (and lost 13 pieces that Austin and I later found under the couch); while Austin, my normally sporadic and least cautious child, carefully put each puzzle piece away gently and precisely into the box.

It was a really fun weekend and the boys enjoyed themselves even though we were stuck indoors.  AND I just found a couple 100 piece Halloween puzzles for the boys to try next.  I bet it takes more than 5 minutes this time!
They'll take at least 6 minutes!

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