Sunday, September 28, 2014

Harrison is 2 months!

Harrison is such a good, sweet baby!  UNTIL I take out the camera for monthly pictures.  He's only 2 months so we've only tried this twice, but both times, my usually perfect, smiley baby turns into Mr. Cranky Pants who wants nothing to do with pictures or cameras or mommy, for that matter.

Here's his 1 month photos:

This was the first picture I took- this might not be too bad!

Here's how ALL the rest of the pictures turned out-

I actually loved how the crying picture came out.  It's how he was feeling.  Frustrated with mommy and her silly camera.

And then it was time for 2 month pictures.  I was excited!  He had a little football outfit, perfect for the season, and I was going to stage a little photo session with Jim's Patriot's helmet.  It was going to be ADORABLE!  But once again, Harrison wasn't having it...

2 months:

These are the first two pictures I took.
This just might work...

And then the screaming commenced...

Ok, this one ^^^ is just adorable!

I needed a new plan.
Just holding him wasn't working.  He would not be soothed.
So I thought, what makes my babies calm down 99% of the time?
And guess what?  It worked!
Instant happy baby.

So I took pictures with him swaddled.
I didn't get the cute seasonal baby football pictures that I wanted, but at least he was happy!
I even got a smile or two-

Baby (upside down) caterpillar

Harrison Blake Nuffer, 2 months.

A little about Harrison at 2 months:
Harrison loves to smoosh his face into blankets, arms, shoulders, boobs, you name it!  He can't fall asleep without smooshing his face into something.  I love this because ALL of his ultrasound pictures were distorted or blurred because he was smooshing his face into the placenta.  Literally smooshing that sweet face.  I think it's really cool that he does it outside the womb too.
Harrison LOVES showers!  Baths were a love/hate thing for him, but showers are always a win.  Even if he's tired and hungry and screaming like a tiny crazy man, if Jim gets him in the shower he is instantly calmed.
Harrison loves to sit up and stand up.  He's not much for lounging around.  I tried to tell him that he's only 2 months old and lounging is kind of a 2 month old thing, but he won't listen.
Harrison really enjoys his activity mat.  Neither of my older boys liked their activity mats, but Harrison will hang out and "play" for 30 minutes +.  I even took a shower while he played on his mat the other day.
Harrison HATES tummy time.  Still.  Just like his older brothers hated tummy time.
Harrison is truly a joy.  Sometimes I just smell his sweet baby smell and hold him tight (which he loves), praying that I will remember his baby smell and the feel of his tiny warm body in my arms.  I know, all too well, that this time doesn't last, and soon he will be a big boy just like his older brothers, so I'm trying to take in all I can of my little caboose while I can.

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