Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's fall and that means PUMPKIN PATCH!

I LOVE the fall!  LOVE IT!  I love everything that begins in the fall, one of which is visiting the pumpkin patch.  We go to a local farm every year, At'l Do Farm.  I've gone for over 10 years and the farm has grown so much in that time.  It's very family friendly and the boys love it as much as I do- and that includes Jim!

The farm just opened this week.  It was supposed to open last week, but with all the rain the season opening was rained out.  We weren't going to go this weekend because it rained again mid week and we didn't want to deal with the mud, but some friends assured us it wasn't very muddy at all, so off we went.

Just as we pulled into a parking space (right up front at one of the busiest times of the day- holla!), Austin informs us that he just pooped his pants.  Wait.  What!?  I don't have a change of clothes for him because he's been potty trained for months with no accidents.  Oy vay.  So while Jim took Austin to the bathroom, Jackson played in the mini maze.  ...and as it turns out, Austin's accident wasn't really anything at all.  Phew!

First we took a couple pictures-

They really are best friends.  That makes this mommy heart very happy!

Harrison and mommy- it was his first trip to the farm.  I think that tiny smile says that he loves it as much as we do!

Then we all headed over to the cow train before it got dark.  All THREE boys loved it!
Yes, I said THREE.

This year the farm plowed a family maze into the their corn, so we actually ventured through a maze this year.  Fastest maze I've ever been through.  It only took about 30 minutes and the boys really enjoyed reading all about Jack and the Cornstalk.  It was perfect for our family.  And the best part (for me and Harrison, anyway)?  We got to try out the new carrier and I LOVE IT!  Jim's cousin, Missi, told us that she just bought the cheapest carrier they had at Walmart and that she really liked it.  While looking and researching different carriers (and seeing how ridiculously priced they are) I took her advice.  The carrier was under $20 on Amazon and it's perfect!  Harrison didn't fuss at all and even fell asleep in the maze.  I'm highly impressed with this carrier.  I think it's one of the best purchases we've made this time around.

Look, he fell asleep!  Score!

After the maze it was pretty dark outside, so we ate a few snacks and then Jim and Jackson headed off to shoot some corn (I didn't get any pictures because the noise was too loud for Harrison, and Austin didn't like it either), so we headed inside the barn to wait for daddy and Jackson to finish.

A selfie with my two baby boys-

And the last activity of the night, a hayride through Pumpkin Hallow.  This is probably my favorite part of the farm this time of year.  Austin was a little nervous to ride (he's a little bit of a scaredy-pants these days), but after we left he said that the red ride (the hayride) was his favorite part of the night. 
A sweet lady took our picture, but with all the red-eyes it's not a very good picture.  It is good for the memories though.

We got home a little late for the boys, and Harrison didn't appreciate us keeping him up later than his usual bed time.  He's scowling at us even in his sleep.
Oh my goodness, I love this face!

Can't wait to go again!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love his little scowly face! I'm so glad you found an inexpensive carrier that works for you. I did all the research and couldn't stomach spending $80 on one, hence the Wal-mart find, and am convinced it's just as good. I slammed the car door on one of the buckles the other night and broke it, so now I have the strap tied in a knot, but I'm not getting rid of it!

  2. I agree, Missi! Some of the carriers were over $200. That's just crazy talk, in my opinion. I carried him for hours and I had no issues and he slept the whole time so he was obviously comfy. Thanks for the great advice! I love it!