Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jackson Nuffer, FIRST grader!

Yes, it's almost October and I'm just not getting to Jackson's first day of school post from August, but hey, having 3 children at home is a bit more hectic than I imagined.

I was a little nervous about mornings in our house now because we have Harrison and he's really too small to be on a regular schedule already.  (Though, fast forward 6 weeks and his schedule is a little more predictable now.)  My plan was and is to get Harrison up early and fed before I get the older boys up, so I feed Harrison at 6am, then wake the boys at 6:30.  For the most part Harrison stays up and he's a happy and perky boy while mommy and his brothers get ready for school.  This sweet boy just sits in his car seat, happy as can be, and watches all the hustle and bustle happening around him every morning.
But on this particular morning he slept the whole morning through, he even slept through taking Jackson to school.

Anyway, Here's biggest little handsome, super stoked about school.

He made his "1st grade" sign this year.  I think I'm going to have the boys make their own signs every year so we see their handwriting and style changing as the time passes-

Here's a closer look at the fantastic job he did on his sign-

He was so excited again this year that he woke up CRAZY early, just like last year.
I think this face shows just how excited he really was.

And here's his "cool dude face".  This picture was his request.  He's hilarious!

Austin was soooo excited to go to school this year!  Except the poor guy is only 3, so preschool doesn't start until next year.  He was highly disappointed.  And no matter how many times I (gently) gave him the bad news that he was NOT starting school this year, he still continued to tell complete strangers who dared talk to him in stores that he was going to school this year, that he was going to preschool, and that he was already 4.  We had the "there's no preschool this year and you're not 4 yet" talk several times this summer.  Countless times.  But nothing sank in.
So here he is taking pictures with big brother, trying desperately to wrap his head around NOT going to school this year.

In this picture ^^ Austin is proudly telling Jackson that he IS going to school this year.
Jackson gave up trying to tell him any different.

We finally made it to school!
I LOVE his teacher this year!
I LOVE his school this year!
And I even went to college with and I am friends with his music teacher.
Poor guy, he won't be able to get away with anything!

Jackson and his teacher, Mrs. Camacho.
Did I mention how much I LOVE her!?

First grade has been wonderful for Jackson!  He had some behavior issues last year- minor stuff:  chatting too often, not staying on task, etc.; but this year he's not had any problems.  In fact, when I went in to visit with his teacher about his goals for the year she told me how smart he was (which I already knew), that he's her best reader (which I already suspected), and that he was such a well behaved little guy!  
Wait, what??
I then made sure she was talking about my son- the little blonde boy with big, blue eyes and and an equally big mouth??
Sure enough, she was talking about my little handsome!  Who knew!?  Her class is very structured and I know he responds well to structure and lots of it.  It's such a good fit for him!

Have a GREAT 1st grade year little man!

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