Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My last pregnancy

This is my last pregnancy.  I'm thrilled to say those words!  I do not like pregnancy.  At all.  Don't get me wrong, I'm soooo grateful I have been able to experience pregnancy and I'm even more grateful for my beautiful boys (baby #3 included).  I don't have words for how grateful I am for our family, especially since there was a time that we thought Jackson would be our only child.  But that doesn't change my feelings about pregnancy.  I. don't. like. it.  And this pregnancy has been difficult in it's own special ways.  The first trimester is always pretty stressful because of our previous losses and morning sickness is just awful, but otherwise, I have pretty boring pregnancies.  Thank goodness.  This time, however, it's been a little different...

Outside of the first trimester ick, I have had high blood pressure that meds don't seem to control and then in the second trimester I had elevated protein levels- both markers for pre-eclampsia.  I've never had to deal with these issues before so they were/are a little scary.  TMI ALERT!  Then mid 2nd trimester I started to have some bloody urine- even this was a mystery to my doctor.  No one is 100% sure why it's happening, but all my doctors agree it's pregnancy related and should resolve itself after delivery.  Then, a week or two ago I was sent to Labor and Delivery because my doctor thought I was leaking amniotic fluid- again scary, because the baby was far too little to come that early- all while I had never ending strep and bronchitis.  I spent the morning being monitored (I even got to hear his hiccups through his heart monitor), but all was well.  Phew!  And last week I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  What??  I don't even eat many sweets when I'm pregnant, how could I have GD??  I've learned it's a placenta issue, but luckily, it looks like I can manage it with diet alone.  Another, phew!  I'm still not out of the woods with my blood pressure or the elevated protein levels, but things are stable right now.  And believe it our not, I feel fantastic!  The 3rd trimester has been good to me. I swear my body switched the 2nd and 3rd trimester on me because I feel 100 times better now than I did last trimester.  Yes, I'm uncomfortable and crazy tired, but I feel really good overall!

If Jim and I weren't already sure that this was our last baby (and we were sure even before this baby was on it's way), the universe seems to be telling me to quit while I'm ahead.  So, yeah... this is definitely my last pregnancy, our last baby.  With all of the challenges and scary moments that this pregnancy has given me, I am so so grateful I've made it this far (7 weeks to go- WOOHOO), and I am so beyond excited to meet this little guy.  I imagine holding him and staring at him just like I did my first two babies.  I'm so excited to learn his personality and to see how he fits into our family.  I'm so excited to see his brothers with him, especially Austin since he's never been a big brother before.  I just can't wait to see his precious face, count his tiny fingers and toes, and to kiss his sweet little cheeks.

If you've made it this far in the post, then you deserve some baby #3 cuteness.  
Here's BB#3 at the ultrasound-

Like Austin, he's ultrasound shy and doesn't like to show his face, but you can sort of see his face here.  He looks a lot like Jackson with Austin's chubby cheeks.

Again, like Austin he was bent in half through the whole ulstrasound (every time we saw Austin in the womb he was bent in half), so that's indeed a foot and leg across from his face.

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  1. Wow crazy and scary things going on. I hope that is the last of the scary moments and nameless (haha) #3 stays in there until it is nice and safe for him to come out healthy and strong. I will pray for you and him!