Monday, May 26, 2014

The Nuffer Family Summer Camp: year 2

This summer should be interesting with a new baby on the way, summer school that extends before during and after the delivery of baby boy #3 (and a Spanish class that starts the week AFTER the baby gets here), and 2 little boys that need some structure, learning, and physical activity.  I'm nervous to take on such an adventure, but excited too!  I plan to really get in some fun before the baby gets here and then I will do what I can to keep up the weekly themes with help from daddy and grandma.

*Keep in mind, I will get books for each theme at our weekly visits to story time at the library

Lets do this!

Week 1 (June 2 - June 6):  DINOSAURS
Monday:  Paper plate dinosaurs
Tuesday:  Make dirt and dinos pudding cups (oreos, pudding, dinos, and M&M eggs) and watch Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Wednesday: TTU museum and Planetarium Dino show at 2pm
Thursday:  Make dinosaur fossil craft (found at the Dollar Tree)
Friday:  Make a dinosaur skeleton
Extras: dino dot to dots, dino games and math, or maybe make a dino diagram with dirt, rocks, paint etc.

Week 2 (June 9 - June 13):  FIRE AND WATER 

Week 3 (June 16 - June 20):  SPACE

Week 4 (June 23 - June 27):  PLANTS AND NATURE

Week 5 (June 30 - July 4):  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA AND BB#3

Week 6 (July 7 - July 11):  THE OCEAN

Week 7 (July 14 - July 18):  ANIMALS AND WILDLIFE

Week 8 (July 21 - July 25):  SEASONS AND WEATHER

Week 9 (July 28 - August 1):  RECYCLING AND OUR EARTH

Week 10 (August 4 - August 8):  CASTLES AND DRAGONS

Week 11 (August 11 - August 15):  HODGE-PODGE WEEK

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