Saturday, May 10, 2014

Free comic book day

I have come to terms with the fact that I will be the sole supplier of estrogen in this house.  I have even come to terms with everyone in this house, outside of me, loves Star Wars, superheroes, and any other nerdy hobby or media out there (minus Star Trek, thank goodness, because that might have been a real deal breaker for me).  So when free comic book day came around my entire household got extremely excited, even me because it meant peace and quiet while the boys chased free comic books around the city.  Jim would often tell me how many days were left until free comic book day.

The bid day finally arrived!
Jim was so excited to dress the boys in their superhero gear- belts and capes included!
You have to admit, they are pretty cute.

It's time to go find free comics!
Yes, Austin wore the mask for the first part of the day- he was committed!

The second place they went to had all kinds of fun stuff.  They were in nerd heaven!
First there was R2D2 (I hope I got that right...?) who even made noises and moved, I believe-

And storm troopers!
I hope Jim is impressed that I know that these guys are storm troopers-

Austin was a little more hesitant of the storm troopers, but after a little bit of coxing he finally gave one a high five-

The boys had a great day with daddy.  (and I got to shower in complete peace and quiet- it was amazing!)
Later, we had to run some errands and Austin fell asleep on the way to Target- it's only a 10 minute drive, but he was worn out from a fun-filled day.

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