Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy birthday, Monkey!

Monkey is a very important member of our family.  Uncle Josh gave Monkey to Jackson when he was 3 weeks old and Jackson has loved him ever since.  Monkey had loved Jackson through the stomach flu, scary dreams, show and tell at school, and Jackson sleeps with Monkey every night.  Not a night goes by that Jackson doesn't clutch on tightly to Monkey as he sleeps.  No other toy friend is loved more than Monkey in this house.  Even Austin loves and takes care of Monkey while Jackson is at school.

Here's a recent picture of Jackson holding Monkey tight while he fell asleep reading books.
He loves his Monkey!

Last weekend, Saturday to be exact, Jackson informed us that Monkey's birthday was the very next day.
Wait, what?!
AND that we needed to have a birthday party for Monkey.
Um, ok...

So I did what any self-respecting mommy does when confronted with such a dilemma, I planned an impromptu birthday party for Monkey!
Here's Monkey and Jackson, best friends, excited for Monkey's first birthday!

We sang to Monkey first.  I think this was Monkey's favorite part.  
Just look at how happy he is!
(ignore the Easter decor we haven't packed away in the background...)

Monkey had a great birthday party, even if it was last minute.
Happy birthday, Monkey!
Thank you for loving my baby so much!

Funny side story to Monkey's birthday:  Grandma Marlow came over a few days later and Jackson was telling her all about Monkey's birthday party.  He ended his story with, "We didn't invite you, grandma, because it was a family only party, so you couldn't come".
Hahahahahaha!!  Grandma and I are still laughing about this!
We're hoping he'll let her join the family soon.

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