Sunday, March 3, 2013

A room fit for a couple of superheroes!

Our little project is finally finsihed- our superheroes have a new space.  But the very best part, Austin is sleeping in his big boy bed and we haven't had any problems! Success!

We had a lot of little projects that we had to put together before we could put the room together.  The first was to mend the curtains (which still work in their new room- woohoo, love to save money!).  We were going to sew them, but Mighty Mend it did a much faster and easier job of it!  We were quite proud of ourselves.

We also put together their new toy storage cubbies, but their matching cubbie storage bins weren't in yet.  I sewed a couple yellow accent pillows all by myself!  I haven't sewed since I was 12 years old.  Usually my mom does the actual sewing for me.  You'll see pics of the pillows later.  Thinking back I should have done a before and after...  This is their room before.

Their matching storage bins came in!  Blue, red, and yellow for Superman/Jackson and black, gray, and yellow for Batman/Austin.  Notice the plethora of Batman caves and toys- thank you Grandma Marlow for buying the boys every Batman toy you could possibly find for Christmas.  ;)

Another project was getting wood cut for bunky boards for their beds.  Jackson had a built in bunky board in his mattress and that mattress was terrible, so both boys got new mattresses.  Here's Jackson helping the Lowe's guy, Eric, cut their boards.  Eric had the best customer service!  Such a nice guy.

This is their room after we got the beds put together and their toys put away in their new places.  Looks good, but it needed some superhero bling.  Notice the little yellow accent pillow on each bed- I made those! It's not very easy to find a yellow accent pillow in the middle of winter, so I made my own.

And here is the finished product.  We repainted their name letters to match and put together some new artwork for their walls.  Jim sketched the Superman and Batman paintings and we both hand painted them.  The Cricut helped us with the rest of the room.

Done!  A new room for the two cutest little superheroes I know.


  1. That is adorable!! I need you to come decorate my house. I have really struggled with a boy and girl in one room. There room has nothing!

  2. I was going to stick to a jungle theme with boy/girl. I also considered pink/brown polka dots with blue and brown polka dots. A sea theme would work for a boy/girl room too.