Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The BOYS' room is completed!!

It's DONE!! Finished today!! I wanted something that would be "big boy" like, as well as "baby" like for both boys. I think we accomplished it. We are keeping BB2's name a secret till he arrives, so I omitted any pictures with his name in them.

Jackson's bed and new name letters.

BB2's crib and no name letters to show for him just yet.

Their dresser and bookshelf. The monkey picture and the giraffe picture above their dresser was made using the Cricut. LOVE the cricut!!

Just a little detail above their closet. I should have taken pics of the inside of their closet. I cleaned it out and organized it. It looks great!!

And this last picture is the best I could get of their whole room without giving away BB2's name.

Now I get to add Austin's bed...


  1. I really LOVE the baby bedding! And I can't wait to hear what name you chose!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! We actually got really lucky with that bedding. We weren't going to buy a bed set because we didn't really use Jackson's. We were just going to buy sheets and my mom and I were going to make a skirt. BUT I was just browsing bed sets at and I found that bed set and I loved it and it matched Jackson's bed set colors, but it was really expensive so I just forgot about it. Within a couple days we saw that bed set clearanced at Target for $36! It was only sold on-line, but for whatever reason it was in store and cheap, so it was meant to be!

  3. Awesome! I regret getting George's bedding because its pastel baby colors. He enjoys it because its covered in Dinosaurs. But I really wish I would have gotten one where the colors latest till he was older like yours. It's so cute!!