Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chore chart: New and Improved!

Well, Big Poppa is almost 2 (this Friday is the big day) so it's time to add him to the chore chart!  The original chore chart can be found here.  This chore chart is very similar to the old one, but we no longer worry about game time stuff.  Jackson isn't addicted to games like he was so there's no reason to earn game time.  Plus, it would probably be a little too complicated for Big Poppa anyhow.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the new and improved chore chart!  I used the Cricut and my laminating machine this time to make the magnets.  

Every day the boys will be expected to do 4 chores:  make their bed, get dressed, brush their teeth, and pick up their toys before bed.  They will earn a nickel for each chore, BUT if they choose to not do a chore and mommy or daddy does said chore then they have to pay us 2 nickels for "maid service".  -Just like the old chore chart. We'll also be teaching Austin to save and tithe every $1 he earns, and we're adding another jar labeled "Mission fund" to which another 10% will go toward.  Here are their 4 daily chore magnets-

The boys can earn more nickels by doing extra chores like laundry, dusting, helping daddy with the trash etc., but my favorite extra chore is the "Act of Service" magnet.  To earn this magnet we have to catch them being extra nice or serving someone OR they can ask us for ideas of different ways to serve someone which will also earn them a nickel (and hopefully it will teach them how to be a little more thoughtful and how to serve a little more as well).  I love this little magnet.

We won't start the new chore chart until next week when Big Poppa is officially 2, and I'll help him a lot in the beginning until he gets the hang of it, but I hope he enjoys it as much as his brother has.


  1. Your nickel motivation reminds me of my own childhood and Grandma Nuffer. She would make us pay her a nickel every time she hung up our coats in the closet for us. She had a paper on the door of the closet that kept track of what coats she had to hang up. Since most of us didn't have much money to pay her back I think some of us (who shall remain nameless) owed her several dollars. :) I think I'd have to ask her if she ever did get paid anything at all! Probably not. I hope it works much better for you!

  2. Ha! That's funny. My boys have to pay same day. Jackson has paid a few nickels, but he actually likes cleaning so I don't have to nag him too much. Austin, on the other hand, is not as neat. He will probably be paying us more than he earns. Poor little guy.