Saturday, March 23, 2013

Austin turned 2!  He loves dinosaurs so I thought a dinosaur party would be fun.  We had it at the local science museum where they had dinosaur themed activities.  Each child got to pick which dinosaur they wanted to be and learn about for the day.  I made them each a card telling them all about their dinosaur, a mini replica of their dinosaur, and a cool matching necklace.  And everyone got an official safari hat to complete their gear- though, only Jackson was interested in wearing the hat.

Austin trying on his gear.  He wouldn't keep the hat on, but you can kind of see his dinosaur birthday shirt.  Pretty appropriate for the day.

Food table:  Chick Fil A nuggets, fruit/veggie/cheese tray, and dinosaur toanails (or Bugles) 

The cupcake tower.  I added the dinosaurs and chocolate rocks.  Unfortunately, Austin tipped over the tray of cupcakes (in their container, thank goodness) so they were a little messy.

Great grandpa got there early so he and Austin waited patiently while we set up.  I'm so glad he got there early because Austin was antsy and he took grandpa on some walks to see the fishies.

After food and cupcakes and presents it was time to dig for fossils!

The science museum also provided a live bearded dragon lizard for the children to learn about and pet.  It was really cool, but I didn't get pictures.

I finally remembered to give everyone their party favors- of all the parties I've thrown for my boys I always forget to give out the thank you treats.  Every. Single. Time.  But this year I remembered!  Success!  Each child got a cool dinosaur with dinosaur goodies and dinosaur eggs.  Yum!

After the party everyone got to have fun in the museum.  Jackson and Maggie trotted off to play while holding hands.  I think Jackson always chooses girls for friends just so he can hold their hand.  ;)


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