Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My birthday 2012

So, it's no secret that Jim and I are both students and I'm a stay at home mom which basically means we are super poor.  ...I mean, super budgeted.  And my birthday is mid November, a couple weeks after Halloween, the week before Thanksgiving, 2 weeks before our anniversary, and about 6 weeks before Christmas.  Needless to say, my birthday gets skipped over every year.  My birthday just has terrible timing for our family.  ;)  Anyway, this year I expected the same, not much of anything- maybe some birthday hugs and kisses and a card from the boys that Jim helped them make (which usually makes me cry because I love them so much), and possibly a date night.

BUT this year...

Well, you all know now that I was pregnant and VERY sick.  I felt really good that day until nap time hit when the nausea decided to be extra strong.  Jim and I had planned a dinner date while my mom watched the boys.  I had already decided that I would definitely go out that night because Jim needed a break.  Every day when he got home from work he sent me to bed while he took care of the boys for the rest of the evening- Yeah, he's that wonderful!  Anyway, I wanted Jim to have a night away from the boys because I know how draining it is to be with the preschool posse day in day out.  When Jim got home I was resting with Austin in bed watching our old standby, Blue's Clues, but my mom was with him.  I kind of thought that was odd.  I figured she'd be by in awhile to watch the boys.  Side note: she had taken Jackson so I could get some rest while Austin napped.  Anyway, my mom, Jim and the boys were at our house and Jim promptly told me that the birthday festivities had begun (a day early) and to wait where I was until I was told to come out.  When I was finally "let out" there was the cutest little cake that Jackson decorated just for me, party hats and lots of presents.  All of which was a little to much for my hormonal self and I immediately started to cry-  good tears, happy tears.  I was truly shocked and surprised!  My mom and Jim let the boys pick out some gifts for me- some plastic little girl hair clips and ties.  It's so adorable that they're trying to figure out what I might like since Jackson is just not realizing I'm a girl.  ;)  I got a CD I wanted and my mom made me several different colors of this cowl scarf that I LOVE.  (Now I just need the winter weather to stop by Texas so I can wear them) BUT the best gift of all was what Jim got me- A RED KITCHENAID MIXER!!!!!  I have wanted a Red KitchenAid for years!!!  YEARS!!!  I just couldn't see spending $300-$400 on myself.  Ever.  Ever.

So, as ecstatic as I was to see this gorgeous mixer (which also made me cry) I immediately thought, Oh no!! Jim always jokes about selling drugs on the side so we can sit more comfortably, but I never thought he'd actually go through with it!!!  And I handle the bills so I know good and well we don't have an extra $300+ just lying around.  Great!  Now my husband is going to prison for selling drugs!!  I wonder how much longer we have together!?!  Actually, what he did was take a side job making cash that he's been saving so he could buy me this mixer secretly- no drugs or illegal activity involved!  Phew!!  Jim won't be spending the holidays in the state pen!!  ...not this year anyway.  ;)

I tried out my beautiful new RED mixer yesterday.  We made these cookies.  AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!

As much as I love my beautiful RED mixer, I love Jim more!  He's so thoughtful and selfless that I can't explain how lucky I am.  I'll never have the words, but I'm grateful I have eternity to show him just how much I love him.  With or without my beautiful RED mixer.  ;)

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