Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's off to the pumpkin patch we go!!

Sadly, since I've been sick we only made one trip to the pumpkin patch this year and we didn't get too many pictures, BUT we had a great time!!  And Grandpa Tyler, Grandma Viv, and Grandma got to join us this year.  We went on a hayride out the the pumpkin patch and picked out some awesome pumpkins.  Then we went on another hayride that night to see a bunch of really cool carved pumpkins that were all lit up.  We didn't really get any pictures of the glowing pumpkins, but they were amazing.

Grandpa Tyler found this tiny pumpkin for Austin and he loved this little pumpkin to death, literally.  He carried it around for a couple days until the pumpkin was soft and mushy from being "loved" so much.  It was so sweet how much he loved his little pumpkin.  Here's a picture of Austin's little pumpkin in tribute...

**I just realized I don't have any pictures of Grandma at the pumpkin patch, but I promise she was there!  She even got to see a pumpkin carved to look like Elvis.  Oh, how she loves Elvis!

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